Kelsey Nahodil, Co-Editor in Chief

2021, something we all hope will be a year of turning everything around. Will this actually be the case, will we see a light at the end of the tunnel?


Is this possibly the new normal? Will we always have to deal with Covid for the years to come like the flu? Will we find out more about it and be able to deal with it for years to come? There are so many questions we wish we could have answers to but this virus came out of nowhere and now it’s time to deal with it.


People will say yes, that 2021 will allow us to return to our previous, careless lives, because we have the vaccine but is this actually the case. Will we finally be returning to normal or are we all going to be waiting for 2022. There are many different opinions on this and I think it’s important to keep our heads up but also remember the reality around us. Cases are still rising in Arizona in particular and sports are being closed down. Is this the answer we all hoped for? No but this is our current reality.


We are making some good progress with the vaccine and figuring out what Covid is instead of being completely blind. This piece is not going to be doom and gloom but what the reality is that nobody wants to talk about or face. Yes, we have a vaccine but there are still cases and the scare of Covid which might take a while to go away. 


Besides all the Covid, 2021 has different big things for me in particular. My graduation, college, and turning 18 this year. These are some big things that will happen in 2021 and some things I am looking forward to this year. I have been waiting till the day I graduate even if I don’t get to walk across the stage. But hey, it’s all going to be fine.


But can we expect everything to go back to normal soon? Maybe. There is no true answer yet of when everything will be completely normal. Who knows? That could be the beginning of 2022 for all we know. But each day we take is a step closer to getting back to normal. Whatever normal is.


All of last year was a year of strength and emotions. We were able to face a very strange virus and make it through. Look at all we did: we made it through months of quarantine, illnesses, and missing out on traditions. But as 2021 has hit we will be able to stay strong like we did and make it through this global pandemic and get the vaccine to get us immune from this virus which will definitely step up from 2020 already.


We all were ready to say happy new years and toasted to the end of Covid but let’s not lose the reality of what is going on around us. Hopefully 2021 is better and the world can start slowly getting out of this global pandemic.