Getting Lost on a Hike


Getty Images/iStockphoto

Sun is setting beetwen Saguaros, in Sonoran Desert, near Phoenix.

Kelsey Nahodil, Co-Editor in Chief

What was supposed to be a fun little hike took a strange turn when we were in the middle of a hike and took a wrong turn. My cousin, sister, and I all thought we were going the right way to get back to the car but in reality we were lost beyond comprehension. 


My thoughts before the hike were, “oh this will be fun,” “it should only take half an hour,” “we will be home way before volleyball.” Well my mood quickly changed when we got lost and had no idea where we were for three hours. Yes you heard me right, three hours. 


Being the smart people we were, we never thought of looking up the trails but instead of just trusting our minds to get us out. Yeah that was not the right choice. What really started off as an adventure ended up being the worst ike of my life. We made a wrong turn and went left instead of right and ended up going an hour further away from the car instead of turning right and only being 30 minutes to the car. Making us over an hour and a half from the car at that point. 


There were lots of weird and interesting conversations while on this trip. I won’t go into too much detail but one line that came out was, “ Maddox(the dog) was looking like a chicken leg right about now.” Not proud of that statement but hey I was starving and had no idea where I was. Not to mention how the dog was giving out and we basically had to drag it for the next two hours. If any of us knew how one turn would have affected us and instead of 2 more hours it would have been 30 minutes we would have all chosen to go the 30 minute route. 


In the mix of all this the sun was almost down so that’s great to be stuck out there in the dark with nobody around and worried of snakes and how close we were going to be from the car.  Also I could be acting a little dramatic but our total hike was 6.5 miles and I’m sorry but that is not easy and having to go to volleyball straight after was not fun.


After about an hour of going down this one trail we ran into a life saver. A hiker that actually knew the trails and told us to turn back around or we would be going for another two hours, And you bet I turned right around and trusted his words. Which ended up getting us back to the car right when the sun went down. I’ve never been more happy to be in a car and not having to walk anymore


So lesson learned, never trust your cousin and sister on where to go because you will get lost on a hike if you do.