Getting Rid of Toxic Energy


Isabella Montoya, Staff Writer

Throughout life, we hit patches where we encounter toxicity in our lives. This energy can be caused by a person, a substance, a habit, and many more examples. If you are wanting to get rid of all those bad vibes, here are some solutions to fill your life with bliss and happiness.


If you recognize there is toxic energy with a person, I suggest cutting it all out of your life. A calm and mature way to handle it, is by communicating your feelings with them. You could say something along the lines of “I am feeling this way when you do this, I don’t want to feel like this, I don’t want to surround myself with a person who treats me like this, this isn’t where I want to be right now, and I need to separate myself”. Most of the time, they should be understanding and if they truly cared they would respect you and your feelings. And if they aren’t understanding, at least you told them how you feel and you have nothing to be upset or ashamed about. 


If you encounter a substance and grow to have a toxic relationship with it, you should handle the situation immediately. Many people just allow the substance to take over their lives, making them fall into a deep depression and become unable to form solid relationships with others. Something I recommend would be to reach out for some help. Whether you go to a friend, family member, neighbor, or even call a hotline for help, they would be happy to help you.  It may seem scary to express what’s going on deep down inside, but just allow yourself to let that feeling go and open your heart. If you are honest and open about it, you will receive the best advice.


Something I think most people struggle with is having a toxic habit that seems almost impossible to break. Whether your habit is big or small, we can all agree that breaking a habit is extremely difficult. Several years back, I had a really bad habit of gossiping, but I had to really apply myself to change it. I had to adjust my entire mindset to only praises and positivity towards others. I started to really think about the message, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all”. I reflected on my life and really started to apply that mentality everyday, allowing myself to only say kind words to others.


It is so important to take care of your overall well-being and do a self reflection to identify if there is any toxicity festering in your life. In all aspects of life, radiate positive energy to those all round you. Open your heart and mind for a healthy change in your lives.