Everything That Could Go Wrong on A First Date


Ava Padelford, Editor

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for. A prince can finally sweep you off your feet, or a girl can come and light up your eyes! Young love is a beautiful thing. The ideal first would look something like this:


Your prince charming stands outside your window with a boombox blasting “In Your Eyes” waiting for you to magically walk down the stairs with the wind blowing through your hair. He gives you flowers and opens the door for you. You offer to pay for dinner but he insists to buy it for the both of you. You have a wonderful night and you slow dance under the stars. He opens the door for you and safely brings you home. 


Unfortunately, this perfect date doesn’t always happen. There will always be “make it or break it” moments during dates that help you determine if your date is worth your time or not. 


You may have just picked the worst person to go out with. Did they catch your attention? Did they say the perfect words to spark a special feeling? It doesn’t matter. What’s next to come will be humiliating or awkward or just frustrating. Whichever word describes your date is very unfortunate for you, and you will always remember it. Maybe think hard about if you really think it’s a good idea to go out with that person. I mean “yolo” right?


So what’s so bad about first dates? What could really happen? What could go wrong?


You get stood up. 

Now that you’ve spent some time getting ready for your big day, you can finally head over to your date! Though you thought the fair would be a fun place for a first date, your special friend did not. You’ve been stood up. The only thing you can do now is ride that Ferris wheel alone and think about what you could’ve done wrong. At the end of the night you will come to the conclusion that this person just wasn’t right for you. I mean who wouldn’t want to go on a date with your fine self?! 


You have too high expectations. 

Don’t be surprised if your man or woman you’re taking out is a bit different than what you expected. Maybe having the car door opened for you is ideal but the other person may not know this. That in its own is a red flag, and you should definitely stay away from a man who isn’t a gentleman. 


People often think they will fall in love on the first date. Maybe the first date won’t go so well, but the second one could be better. Don’t give up so easily because it didn’t go the way you imagined. 


You find out they have a boyfriend or girlfriend. 

This is definitely the worst thing that could happen on a first date. You’re stuck in between feeling bad that you went out with a taken person and giving your date a nice punch to the face. The only thing you can do is go home and get over it. 


This has happened to me. It was quite the sticky situation. I had told the boy I was talking to that I liked him in a more than friends type of way. He said he felt the same and wanted to meet up for coffee to talk about it. He canceled about five minutes before hand and I saw him at church afterwards. I kept receiving dirty looks from his “girl best friend” or so I thought she was. My good friend later told me that he had a girlfriend and his whole friend group looked at me like I was a bad person for talking to someone with a girlfriend. Ladies, if he has a girl best friend, she will most likely turn into his girlfriend or already be his girlfriend. 


The selfish date.

This is the guy or girl who only talks about him or herself. You ask a question, and they don’t ask you anything back. A conversation with this type of person could look like this:


You- “Hello how are you?”

Date- “I’m good.”

You- “Ok, where are you from?”

Date- “Arizona.”


You get the picture. These people could be so awfully dry that you may need to use the “I need to use the restroom” excuse just to get the heck out of there. These people could also be all about themselves that you can never get a word in. They may not even remember your name by the second date (if there is even a second one). 


You get catfished. 

SURPRISE SHAWTYY!! I guess they just looked better in the picture, right? Or maybe they have no personality because their older sibling was texting for them all this time. Either or, you may want to leave. If they didn’t look the way you thought, definitely still give them a chance. Most people would rather date someone who isn’t the cutest but has an amazing personality over a dry model who doesn’t match your energy! Be careful with who you choose to take out. 


Bathroom accident. 

I changed my mind, this is the absolute worst thing that could ever happen to you on a first date. Make sure to use the restroom accordingly. You never know when something could slip out. 


Maybe you and your date decided to go on a hike. You didn’t realize how far it would be or that you needed to use the restroom badly at the top of the mountain. Well, as you head down, gravity pulls you and makes you take aggressive steps. These steps could very likely loosen you up, and we all know what happens when we’re too loose. That would be hard to explain! Or maybe not, but your date wouldn’t want to stay with you. 


The “I can’t get over my Ex”

This is the person who purely talks about their ex. Like OK HOMIE get over it. No one wants to spend their afternoon with someone like this. It makes you feel unwanted. They don’t show any interest in you because they are too focused on their past relationship. Don’t bring up your ex. Don’t compare your date to your ex verbally. There are things you just gotta keep to yourself. 



It’s super awkward when your date is constantly on their phone. They say “uh huh” to your stories and give dull answers to your questions. They may try to take a bunch of photos with you but not actually want to talk. This is a person you definitely don’t want to stay with. You might as well go out with a brick wall! Wouldn’t that be a good use of time?


Now that you’re scared for any first date that you may go on just remember to be yourself. That’s the most important thing. It doesn’t matter if you’re the problem in the situation or if your date is the problem. At the end of the day, you’ll end up with someone a lot like you. Choose wisely, and let the ones go who need to go.