Freshman vs Senior Opinion on Journalism


Kelsey Nahodil, Co-Editor in Chief

Journalism has been an interesting thing in my life for the last four years and my opinion on the field has constantly been changing since my freshman year. While my perspective of journalism was boring my freshman year, it has taken a turn for the better the last couple of years.


Back in my freshman year I wasn’t really thinking of going into the journalism field and only took this class to get the credit. But as the year went on I started to like the class more and more. I still didn’t ever  think that this would be the career that I wanted to go into and it never crossed my mind that I would enjoy it this much. But things take a turn sometimes and you end up somewhere you didn’t think you would be and for me it ended up making me want to go into the journalism field.


When I was a freshman it took me a while to start liking the class and by my sophomore year I wasn’t planning on taking the class but decided to take it see how it went and that was the first year I actually started to enjoy every aspect of it. I really enjoy learning and figuring things out about what was going on in the world and in our school. So getting to write about it was starting to become fun for me. This continued into my junior year and now final year of high high school. 


It’s crazy to think that I’m already a senior because it feels like just yesterday that I was a freshman who had no idea what they wanted to do when they got older and was just trying to get through the first year of high school with no problems. But in the end this all turned out to become a career choice for me; I finally figured out what I wanted to go to college for.  


For some reason journalism started to become very fun for me and helped me have one less boring class to go to. I met some great people through this class that I have been friends with for the last couple of years. But there are also new people every year that are excited to be in the class and want to become a part of the newspaper team which is great since a few of us will be leaving this year, leaving the class with only a few newspaper students. 


Now looking back at all the years, I can’t see myself doing anything else for an elective or for a career choice. It has been such a big part of my life since I was thirteen and now I am getting ready to turn eighteen. It’s crazy to think that it can become a part of your life for so long and turns into something you enjoy every day.


Sometimes taking a course you wouldn’t think of is a good idea because you never know where it could lead you or try to step out of your comfort zone and take a class that is a little more out of the box for you. It could end up becoming a big part of your life just like journalism did for me. Looking back and thinking about how this whole year is going I am extremely grateful for all the people I met in this class and a teacher that helped us in our journalistic writing. This will always be a big part of my high school memories that I will look back on. Sometimes you don’t always know what you want to do until something just crosses your path all of the sudden and it could lead to your future.