Advice for The Troubled Teen


Go Take A Dive in Jeans

Charles Bukowski once wrote a poem titled “Friendly Advice to A Lot of Young Men” in which he detailed multiple ways to express and indulge in one’s creativity while avoiding something so drab as simply writing poetry. 


In truth, indulging in creative endeavors is one of the best ways to cure sadness and even bouts of depression; it gets our brain and heart a’rollin’. Some of the things Bukowski detailed in his poem were a bit outlandish, encouraging his audience to “go to Tibet” and “drink buckshot and beer” among other things. So, in the order to maintain reasonability, it’s better to stay away from such bizarre choices. 


I’ve decided to compile a short list of things that any teens in a rut, or a stupor, can do that might get their creative juices flowing and in turn maybe help them out as a whole; all of these exist within the realm of immediate possibility and probably convenience. 


  • Take a horse riding lesson
  • Do 50 pushups in one sitting 
  • Learn how to play Dungeons & Dragons
  • Read up on the life of Theodore Roosevelt 
  • Paint your nails a different color and then do a somersault 
  • Write a short manifesto on your own life philosophy 
  • Perform a theatrical act with a shovel and your grandma 
  • Go for a swim in jeans 
  • Start laughing heartily at people for no particular reason 
  • Play a video game you’ve never played before 
  • Bring a neighbor some cookies 
  • Try to memorize saying five words backwards 
  • Make a paper sombrero and color it pink 
  • Ask someone out on a date who’d never expect you to ask 
  • Shave off all of your hair 
  • Do movie character impressions in the mirror 
  • Listen to a random album from a random artist you’ve never heard of
  • Vacuum your wall and wait for your parents to ask what you’re doing 
  • Pet a dog 
  • Tell a dark secret to a stranger on the street 
  • Sing a song directed at the Sun 


In the end, though, don’t be boring. Go out there and find some passion.