Moving On


Kelsey Nahodil, Co-Editor in Chief

All the memories, years, and hours spent at this school, a school that I cheered for in games and spent all four years of high school at. But now it is time to move on and now leave high school forever. It can be really sad to say goodbye to something that was so important to you for so many years and all the people you have met in high school. We are cruising through the second semester and the year is coming to an end, but I am really nervous for this year to be over. Why am I nervous you may ask? I will be out of high school forever and will be moving into college, something that is very scary for me. But with all of this there are some exciting things to come in the future. 


Yes this will be so fun to be out on my own getting my degree in Journalism, but after being in high school for four years, it is something you get used to doing every day and it becomes sort of a routine. That routine is now changing and it isn’t the same buildings, teachers, and kids you see every day. It is a whole new place with brand new people, not the ones you have been going to school with since you were younger. 


All through my first two years of high school I didn’t even think about the future and just kept saying, “Well I still have a few more years in high school.” But let me tell you, it is better to plan when you are a freshman or sophomore, so you know what will be happening after you walk across that stage and get your diploma. It was not the smartest decision to keep pushing it off, but in reality I wasn’t ready to think about leaving high school in just a few short years. 


The saying, “high school goes by so fast” is true. I have never seen a saying be so true; it sometimes can feel like you just started high school a few days ago but then you realize you have been here for four years. Now I am leaving and moving on to bigger things. 


One of the weirdest things about moving on is jumping from being a high school kid who is irresponsible to having to be a mature student in college working towards a degree. I realize it is normal for people to want college students to be more mature, efficient, and respectful while in a course; I’m just surprised it’s going to be me. 


I have always been scared to move on from something I get used to because of how much I dislike change. I will be working more, taking college courses, and continuing being a coach and I will have to try to juggle all this which scares me so much. Is college as scary as I am thinking? Probably not; it is just different than what I will be used to and unfortunately that is the scary part for me. 


There are, however, some great things about leaving high school. Not having to be told what to wear, freedom, and no more dress code and for us girls there is nothing better then finally getting to wear tank tops when it is 100 degrees out.  


In the end everyone has to leave high school eventually (even super seniors) and become an adult in the world. I have had many memories in high school that will always be there, but it is time to grow up and be ready to graduate and start the newest chapter in my life, college.