Top 5 Ways to Make Sure You Have A Great Semester


School Work puts a lot of stress on us, it’s important to know how to have a good second semester.

Pranavi Vuppala, Staff Writer

School starting back up is always a stressful time of the year. Not to mention New Year usually means New Resolutions. The questions that usually come into play are how will I have a successful semester along with keeping up with my resolutions? Not to fret as these suggestions will ensure you to have a great semester by keeping up with your grades as well as keeping track of your New Year’s resolutions, ultimately making this your best semester yet.


  1. Exercise: Trust me, I know how some people might not be fond with this idea, but I also know that exercise has a positive impact on both your physical and mental health. Exercise can not only help with your health, but stimulates energy for you to be more awake while working on homework or even studying for an exam. This technique not only helps to strengthen your health, but also increases brain capacity because moving your muscles provides both energy and a way to easily grasp information.


  1. A Healthy Meal: Junk food is always in our minds. Those yummy pancakes with maple syrup dripping down the sides of the stack. But in reality, consuming a healthy meal will ensure your energy levels stay consistent throughout the day. This in return will give each individual enough energy to make it through the day possibly even without feeling tired.


  1. Drinking water-  Drinking water is a daily and mandatory basis for everyone, no one can live without water. The benefits behind drinking water however is endless like drinking warm water versus cold actually helps you drink more water. The more water you drink, the more you are hydrated, the more you are hydrated, the more you can stay awake. Not to mention that drinking water also helps with clearing acne.


  1.  Having good influence- Having good influences can help you grow as a person as well as gaining stamina. This might sound awkward, but having the right kind of friends can influence your way of thinking. Having the right people beside you can help you be positive, and sometimes just having that right attitude with people you can rely on can help brighten up your mood and change the way you think for a day and persist you to keep trying hard.


  1. Avoid being lazy- I know, I know, the thought of going to school makes some people barf, but school actually helps you become active. This is because you probably got out of bed and you miss your comfort zone, and BAM, you realize that you have to go to school or even just being virtual because you might have to get your work station ready. Do not worry because getting out of bed is actually helping you. This is because every hour or so you are required to walk about five minutes to your next class. If you are online, it is a good idea to make your best effort to maybe clean up a little part of your desk or take a walk around your house before the start of your next class. This allows for your muscles to stretch a little allowing you to have a certain energy being pumped through your body.


Education is an important part of one’s life, depending on the person, and learning always interests them, but they just can’t seem to focus in class. This could be because of energy or focus loss and in order to gain some of this back, the five things above can ensure you to have a better semester. Following some if not all of these tips will have a greater impact on both your academic life and your overall health.