Vaccine for Teachers


Pranavi Vuppala, Staff Writer

As we progress into a new semester, with the discovery of the coronavirus vaccine, teachers are receiving it to reach safe measures. Most if not all the teachers on the MRHS campus have taken their first dose, and among them are Mrs. Jewett and Mrs. Aspass.


Mrs. Jewett and Mrs. Aspass have both received this vaccine and have a lot to say about it


  1. Are you planning on getting the COVID vaccine?
    1. “I got it last Friday.”
    2. Yes, I have had my first dose already and go back on Feb 7 to get the second dose.”
  2. Is it mandatory for teachers to get vaccinated?
    1. “No, not that I am aware of.”
    2. “It is not, but I don’t know any teachers that don’t want to be vaccinated. Many teachers are nervous about being in crowded classrooms without it.”
  3. When was your first dose? Second?
    1. “Friday 1/22 was my first dose. I haven’t been able to find a 2nd vaccine yet. I keep checking, but nothing is open.”
    2. “February 7th is going to be my second dose.”
  4. How are you feeling after receiving the vaccine? (Physically)? Emotionally?
    1. “Physically, I felt totally fine. My arm was sore for a day (like after the flu shot) but nothing else. Emotionally, I felt totally fine; in fact, excited. I feel so much better knowing there is that much more of a layer of protection.”
    2. “Physically, my arm was a little sore but no other symptoms.  I have heard from those that have their second dose that it makes you a little sick for a few days so we will see about that. Emotionally, I was a little relieved but also nervous.”
  5. Do you feel like the vaccine is making you weaker?
    1. “No, not at all.”
    2. Vaccines do the opposite and boost your immune system so if anything it is making me stronger!”
  6. What did the process of receiving the vaccine look like? 
    1. “I had to drive to Chandler. There was a line of cars you followed in the parking lot. They asked if I had any allergies. They wrote the time I got the shot on my window with a marker. Gave me the shot; it didn’t hurt. Then I pulled forward and had to wait until my time was up (checking for reactions). They erased the writing on my window and I left.”
    2. “I got my vaccine at the Cardinals Stadium. It was hard to get an appointment and the website was not super user friendly.  Many people still can’t get appointments or have to drive a long distance across the city.  I was persistent when it first opened and got a pretty good appointment and then did not wait to schedule my second dose.  When I was actually getting the vaccine it was very easy. There were no long lines, I was in my car and had my vaccine within 10 minutes. I spent more time waiting to see if I had an adverse reaction than actually going through the process.  You drive in switchbacks in the parking lot, and they write your appt number on you windshield in dry erase marker, then you proceed to a question queue where they confirm your information, you then pull up to a tent and they give you the shot in your car, and then you pull up to a waiting area.  They write the time of your shot on your windshield, you wait 15 minutes for a reaction and then drive away.  Very easy.”
  7. Was there an option for this semester for teachers to continue teaching online even if they do or do not receive the vaccine?
    1. “No. You have to come in.”
    2. “NO, teachers were not given any choices.  If you had a documented medical condition then some teachers were transferred to the DVOLP program to teach online.  If you had a family member with a documented condition or one that was high risk or you just were worried about the general health and safety of the community and did not feel comfortable returning the only option was to quit/retire. “
  8. Is there something you would like for the audience to know specifically what it means to you to receive the vaccine? Sorry for the word choice, but for example, “it made me realize that I am making history as a person during the pandemic to receive such vaccine”
    1. “I get vaccines every year; this one was no different except the fact that I didn’t get it at a doctor’s office. Everything was fine.”
    2. “Not really, it is nice to see that a vaccine is making a big difference and I hope the people that are anti-vaccine see how big of an impact they have on the health of a population.”
  9. Have you ever tested positive for the coronavirus or have been exposed to it?
    1. No on testing positive. Yes on being exposed.”
    2. “My father died from Covid.  He was exceptionally healthy and 67 years old.  I was taking care of him before he went to the hospital so I was exposed for an extended period of time.  I did not contract the virus myself, I attribute that to the PPE that wore when around him., even though I slept in a bedroom connected by the ventilation system without the PPE.  My brother and his girlfriend did get it but their symptoms were minimal.  I have been tested twice due to exposure and both times it was negative.”
  10. If you have had the virus in the past, how was the recovery process, or do you know of someone’s recovery process?
    1. “N/A”
    2. My brother was only sick for a few days and he was ok very quickly.  His sense of smell and taste took quite a while to return.”


Depending on the teacher, each situation was unique. The process of one teacher receiving the vaccine differed from another’s experience. Not to mention the personal situations that occurred within each teacher’s lives. Every day goes down as history, but the body’s reaction to it will go down as a medical discovery.