POV: You’re On AUX

Isabella Montoya, Staff Writer

Picture this, you are driving in the car with your closest friends and all of a sudden, they ask you to play some music. You immediately panic. You worry that your friends won’t like your favorite songs. Never fear though! Here’s a list of songs that are sure to get everybody singing along.


1.Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond. This classic hit is embedded in everyone’s brain. Any time this song is played, everyone screams the lyrics. It’s definitely a safe choice to play around your friends. Just make sure you don’t take your eyes off the road when you shout “Bom Bom Bom.”


2.Just Like Heaven by The Cure. This old school classic is a song full of happiness.  It radiates summer energy and is great for a sunny day.  You have to roll all the windows down and play the song at full volume!


3.Good Days by SZA. This super popular song is sweeping over Tik Tok. That should be no exception to not blast it in the car. The lofi beat matched with SZA’s ethereal voice is nothing like you’ve ever heard before. It sounds like you are entering the gates of heaven.


4.Midnight Sky by Miley Cyrus. The new Miley is a total rockstar! Her latest album “Plastic Hearts” has everyone super pumped. Midnight Sky is a techno 80’s style beat and is super groovy.


5.Steal my Sunshine by Len. This late 90’s banger is full of good vibes. It’s an old school jam that is sure to get everyone bumping their heads along with the beat. It’s especially a great song to sing at the top of your lungs!


6.Country Roads by John Denver. This old country jam is one that most people know and love. When the chorus hits,  I guarantee everyone in the car will scream the lyrics. It might gain some laughs too for how different it is.


7.Hold Tight by Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mich & Tich. This song is a total blast from the past. The song is very unknown, but it is sure to get everyone in the car singing the lyrics and playing fake instruments. 


8.Come as you are by Nirvana. This grunge classic is an overall masterpiece. This song makes you wanna scream the lyrics and play imaginary guitar. This song is definitely for people who wanna rock out in the car.


9.Same Ol’ Person by Rihanna. Any song by Rihanna is wondrous. But this song in particular fells so unique. The song ‘Same Ol’ Person’ was originally by Tame Impala, which is equally as amazing, but Rihanna’s cover makes you feel like you are in a dystopian future. The song is nothing like you’ve ever heard before.


11.Invincible by Amine. This song debuted in the movie “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” and has been stuck on repeat in many people’s brains. Amine is an overall very complex artist and the majority of teens know his songs, so it’s no surprise this song is amazing.


12.Best Friend by Rex Orange County. Most teens could hear this song and immediately know all the lyrics. This decently popular song has a lofi beat mixed with amazing guitar. You will be dancing in your seat.


13.Saturday Sun by Vance Joy. Vance Joy is most known for his song Riptide, but Saturday Sun is a very underrated song. My close friend actually showed me this song when we were on a road trip and we listened to it at least 15 times. You’ve got to give it a listen. 


  1. Up Up by Sandollar. This summer song debuted in the hit Netflix show, Outer Banks and has everyone hooked. The song almost transports you to a tropical island. You and your friends will be jamming out to this song on repeat.


  1. Barbara Streisand by Duck Sauce. The one word I would use to describe this song is unique. The techno beat matched with some whistles is very different from most modern music, but trust me, everyone in the car will be jamming along.