Letters To Juliet


Ava Padelford, Editor

Letters To Juliet



Romance is the ability to express your thoughts and show emotion through actions and words. “Letters To Juliet”, starring Amanda Seyfried (Sophie), Vanessa Redgrave (Claire) and Christopher Egan (Charlie Wyman) is a 105 minute romance wonder, not like any other. It came out on May 14, 2010.


The scenery is absolutely stunning considering most of the movie is shot in Italy. The story is predictable like all romance films, but the sweet relationships that develop throughout the movie makes it worth watching. The love and relationships made me feel connected to the characters and gave them each their own personality. 


Gary Winick, the director of this film, was able to capture the love and emotion in every scene. He also directed famous movies such as “13 Going on 30”, “Tadpole”, and even “Charlotte’s Web.” As a director, it’s important to give the audience the right emotion to feel. With the tone, plot development, music, scenery, and more, the audience is easily drawn into the movie. 


Sophie (Amanda Seyfried)  is a fact checker for The New Yorker. She hopes to have her own work published onto the Newspaper one day because she is very passionate about writing. Her soon to be husband, Victor (Gael García Bernal), is a chef who constantly pursues his dreams. The two then head to Italy for a romantic trip in the city of love. 


Amanda Seyfried is the perfect person to play the role of Sophie. She is a bright woman with incredible acting skills. Each actor is great for their role. Some actors overacted at parts and their dramatic scenes came off a bit cheesy, but for the most part, they did great. 


As Sophie wanders the city, she comes across the Verona Courtyard where women go to write letters to Juliet. She longs for story ideas to write and hopefully get published by her boss. In the courtyard, she finds a letter that would change everything for the letter’s author, Claire (Vanessa Redgrave). 


After meeting Claire (Vanessa Redgrave) and her grandson Charlie (Christopher Egan), the three begin the adventure to fulfill the hopes and dreams of Claire’s letter. The relationship between Charlie and Sophie takes off which gives off the ultimate chick flick experience we all love.


This movie is very well developed and the passion between the characters in love draws the audience in. It’s perfect for a girls night in and is the type of romance and adventure people want in their lives. Though the ending is predictable, the setting of the film, themes of the movie, and the cute quotes by the actors demonstrates the director’s work.