My heart aches as I watch them fade out of my life. The years of developing a relationship are melting away as they fade away. Why couldn’t they see past the small beliefs I had about something so irrelevant? Why would they base a small opinion on the years that we’ve spent together and think that all of the love and memories are no good anymore. 


You can see the true colors of someone when a crisis happens. The extreme reactions to little things shows the lack of maturity in someone. Having a different perspective on a controversial topic such as liking a different president, views on COVID, or any other political view shouldn’t ruin a relationship you’ve had with someone for years.


It hurts to know that you can lose someone in a heartbeat, especially when that person knew the type of person you were and how you were always there for them. I have had family members turn their back on me and very close friends. I’ve always been so sweet to them and have loved them regardless of their beliefs or choices.


I think it’s wrong to judge a person on their choice of political party. Yes, maybe you completely disagree with the other side and the other side completely disagrees with you. I don’t understand, however, why someone would want to take me out of their life because I support a different president. 


I’ve been through thick and thin with these people. We’ve cried together, had many laughs together, and have made many unforgettable memories together. Now, that all goes down the drain. 


If someone truly loved you, they would see past your opinions and love the person you are. If they didn’t then they would be upset with you over an opinion you have without any logical reason as to why they are angry with you. 


I’ve had friends decide I was all of a sudden a horrible person because I disagree with what they stand for. I don’t have the same opinion as them. I stand true to who I am and if they aren’t grown enough to continue a friendship then I won’t waste my time pouring into them.


People can constantly take away your energy. They label you and reject you as a friend. When people find out the party you’re on you become a series of nasty names in their eyes. 


They must’ve never known the true kind heart you had. They must’ve never appreciated the late nights you spent talking to them, helping them get by, and sharing everything with one another. They must’ve never seen the way you truly cared for them when no one else did.


All feelings are destroyed due to one thing, a different view. These people who do this are manipulative and try to make you think you’re a bad person. They are so blinded by what they want and what they think is right that they completely forget who they’re talking to. 


They’re talking to the person that went through everything with them and who always loved and supported them. It’s so unfortunate that efforts made to build a relationship can be swept away. The years spent with the person will only be a good memory. 


You can only wish that things can return to the way they were. Some people won’t change and they may not need to be in your life anymore. As much pain as it brings we must accept this fact.


We can’t let someone change who we are. They will go on and regret leaving you behind. They don’t realize how hurtful they are being, but one day they will. And who knows, they may never see that what they did was hurtful. There’s nothing we can do about it but to be the bigger person and move on.


People will choose to have pointless arguments to try to fight for their side of the argument with no factual information. They use the anger in their hearts to speak and hatred is a powerful thing, especially when put into words. 


It’s frustrating when you lose someone so dear to you because of a different view. If you stay true to yourself and continue to be respectful to others, you are being a mature person. The world needs more of those kinds of people. 


I know what I stand for, what I want to represent and who I am. I will not let someone dictate who I am based on who they want me to be. I will not let the world label me when I know my worth.