The Success of this Years Book Drive


Benjamin Jensen

The Educators Rising Literacy Book Drive was a massive success this year! Exactly 2,278 books have been collected, beating the previous record of 919 books! This year’s book drive had small expectations due to COVID-19, but the MRHS community was able to provide many schools in the DVUSD district! 


DVUSD Schools Receiving book Donations:


  • Village Meadows 
  • Paseo Hills 
  • Esperanza
  • Sunrise
  • Desert Sky
  • Deer Valley Middle 


The distribution of the book will be determined on the needs of each school. This process is still being discussed with the principals of each school. 


This book drive lasted for three weeks. The first week, January 19-22, the district was still virtual. There was a small box outside of the A building near by the entrance where people could drive by and drop off books. During the second week, January 25-29, In person learning was back which proved to be a great turn for the book drive as more and more books were collected. 


Throughout the weeks, the book drive was promoted through posters and morning announcements. Educators Rising officers also posted information on social media and on the school website. 


Of course, there will be many more book drives in the future. According to Educators Rising Teacher Leader, Ms. Moya “We have many schools in our community that could use books so we are happy to collect and donate them.”