Top 5 Best Video Games for History Buffs




Benjamin Jensen, Columnist

As a history buff, I love playing video games that tie into real history. There are some games that are fun and have a lot of historical accuracies, other games have alternative history and are very fun to explore, and of course there are games that are just flat out terrible. Here are the top 5 best video games for history buffs.


Battlefield 1 

Battlefield 1 is a game produced by DICE and published by Electronic Arts (EA). The game is set in The First World War. In fact, the game is one of the best World War I games that you can play right now!  


The game includes a story mode that includes several “War Stories” which are short stories about fictional characters fighting in real historical battles. Of course, multiplayer is an option. Take part in large open battles of 32-64 players. There are many modes that are a part of the game, in my opinion, Operations is my favorite. 


Command and Conquer Red Alert 

If you’re looking for a classic tabletop style game that is also alternative history, this is the game for you! Command and Conquer Red Alert is a series developed by Petroglyph Games and Lemon Sky Studios. These games are widely known for its excellent gameplay, and the very cheesy live action cutscenes. Just recently, Red Alert 2 was remastered along with another Command and Conquer title. 


These games are alternative history about the Soviet Union going to war with the Allies. The player takes control of a military by choosing via selection. When the player selects the military he/she wants to play as they will lead their military to victory. The story is based on your decisions that you make. The game plays in a table top fashion, there are no first person options. 


War Thunder

War Thunder is a popular vehicle combat multiplayer game. Published by Gaijin Entertainment in 2012. The game heavily relies on land, air, and sea vehicle combat. All vehicles and be customized to your liking. Currently there are over 1,800 highly detailed land, air, and sea vehicles across multiple decades. 


Hearts of Iron IV

Hearts of Iron IV is a tabletop game that heavily revolves around alternative history. Published by Paradox Interactive in 2016. This game consists of alternative military history, strategic battles, and world wars made by you. The game is all about strategy, and planning out your attacks. It almost feels like you’re playing a video game version of RISK or Axis and Allies. 


Assassins Creed

Assassin’s Creed is a game series published by Ubisoft. Currently, this series is incredibly popular. The most popular game being Assassins Creed Black Flag. 

In these games, you play as an assassin that is based off of a real Persian assassins group called the “The Hashashins”. There are many real historical references, either of real figures, or historical events. You take part in these events in an alternative history fashion. The games feel great and they are genuinely fun to play. Each game has a compelling story, astonishing characters, and interesting game mechanics.