Spring Training 2021


Isabella Montoya, Staff Writer

As vaccines get flooded out throughout the US, MLB has started up again, but this year it’s slightly different. From having a limited number of fans, to getting rid of certain sharing-snacks, it certainly is not the same.


Through the last month, I’ve taken a few days off and gone to 3 spring training games.. As we parked, there were a few people tailgating. It was quite surprising to see so many Milwaukee Brewers fans barbecuing before the game. There was quite a far distance between the cars, I’d say about 15 feet. It seems that even with Covid regulations, baseball fans don’t stop tailgating.


As we got closer to the start of the game, I walked from the tailgating spot and to the entrance of the stadium. As I entered with my mask on, it was surprising to see such a large group of people. In total, there were 2,148 fans, which seems like a lot, but for a spring training game, that’s quite under average. As I walked around the stadium, everyone seemed fairly spread out. Most people followed the CDC guidelines and maintained the six-feet distance.

As the game began to roll around, My family and I got a little hungry.We were craving the salty classic, fan-favorite snack. Baseball. Stadium. Peanuts. They sent me to get the peanuts at the concession stand, hoping to fulfill my craving, but to my surprise, they weren’t selling them. As many fans would be, I felt heartbroken at this. I was curious as to why they weren’t selling the delectable peanuts. I later thought to myself that people, like myself, would take forever to eat their peanuts, causing their mask to stay off for a long period of time. It makes complete sense as to why they would want fans to wear masks at almost all times so they can keep having games. It was a sacrifice fans and myself were willing to make. Most likely later in the season, as Covid-19 restrictions seem to be getting lifted, baseball fans will be able to enjoy those scrumptious peanuts.


All in all, the game was very enjoyable. With CDC guideline restrictions slowly being lifted, it feels good to know that things are getting back to normal. Being able to see my favorite team and seeing the first game I’ve been to in over a year was easily one of the best experiences. I highly recommend you visit a game before spring training comes to an end.