27 Song Suggestions For Your Main Character Moments


From “Perks of Being A Wallflower”

Sometimes forgetting about all our troubles and acting like we’re the only person in the world is just what we need; and what better way to do that than to get up and dance like you’re the main character and no one is watching? Let loose a little bit and take a moment to just live in the moment. Forget about that missing assignment or that upcoming test or any other worries you may have, even if it’s just for a little while, and vibe along to these 25 songs that I guarantee will make you feel like the main character you are.


“Little League”

 by Conan Gray



 by Ryn Weaver



 by Ruth B.


“I Feel Good About This” 

 by The Mowglis



 by Robbie Williams



 by Coldplay


“All About Us” 

 by Owl City


“Take Yours” 

 by Matthew Mole


“The Color Blue” 

 by Bo Baskoro


“IDK You Yet” 

 by Alexander 23


“Fred Astaire” 

 by Jukebox the Ghost


“Talk Too Much” 

 by COIN



 by COIN


“Tongue Tied”

 by Grouplove


“Get You High” 



“Electric Love” 



“In the Rain”

 by David Russell



 by Adam Friedman


“Bright Side of the Moon” 

 by Christian French


“I Like Me Better” 

 by Lauv



 by Troye Sivan


“Don’t Give Up on Me” – (From “Five Feet Apart”)

 by Andy Grammar



 by One Direction


“Push My Luck” – TWINSICK Remix 

 by The Chainsmokers & TWINSICK



 by One Direction


“You Make Me Feel…”(feat. Sabi) 

 by Cobra Starship


“Kiss You” 

 by One Direction



by David Bowie