Are Sports too Dangerous


Kelsey Nahodil, Co-Editor in Chief

Sports are a very controversial topic and some people believe that they are way too dangerous for their kids. The risk of getting hurt or having serious problems down the line. Many sports cause injury along the way, getting tackled in football, knocked down in soccer, etc. It is a risk sometimes to play sports but the thrill of scoring or making an amazing save is the best part of all.


Being someone who has played sports for the last 11 years, there have been some injuries along the way. Sprained ankles, concussions, and long term effects on my hips and knees. In volleyball I was constantly hitting my sides and knees on the floor and now they tend to hurt and pop a lot of the time. But should I have just stayed home and not participated in any activities because I could risk being hurt?


If you really think about it, everything comes with a risk. Going swimming, you risk drowning, getting in a car you risk car accidents. We can’t live our life in fear because at any given moment you could be putting your life at risk and you don’t even know it. 


Sports is something that can keep you active or it might be something you really enjoy. For me, volleyball is always my happy place and everytime I step on to the court I am in a better mood and enjoy every minute of it. 


There will always be danger in sports, a lot of them are contact sports. You will fall to the ground but every time you do you get back up stronger and determined to be better. There will always be injuries in sports but shielding yourself from everything won’t help you develop into a strong adult. Sports teach us to work hard and to work with others to improve skills of interacting and determination. 


It might not seem like it but sports really can help develop somebody’s character. I have seen it first hand with the girls on my little sisters volleyball team. They grew to be respectful and tough volleyball players who are grateful and enjoy every moment. Even if there are so many bumps along the way. Not being scared against hard servers and going to the ground to save a ball is what taught these girls to work hard and learn to improve on these skills. 


If kids aren’t up for playing sports then that is their choice but it is not up to parents to choose for them. Kids need to develop into their own person and might have to take some hits first before they get back up. While there have been some serious injuries in sports history it is the risk when joining a sport. Certain sports are more dangerous than others, like football and soccer being very physical sports it’s sometimes hard to stay away from the injuries. 


Soccer or football might end up being your favorite thing in the world but you won’t know until you experience it or give it a try. Yes sports are dangerous but it brings people joy and helps people become stronger in the real world. Giving sports a try can never hurt and you might end up loving the sport, just like volleyball became my favorite sport 11 years ago.