“There is No News”

There is No News

Benjamin Jensen, Columnist

Has there ever been a day in history where there was simply no news? What was the most boring day in history? How do people report on no news? These questions have been asked all throughout history and believe it or not, all of these questions have been answered. 


On April 11, 1954, the day was simply calm, boring, and uneventful. No important people were born and or died, there were no major historical events, and there were no bad storms and/or a person, place, or a thing to report about. Unknowingly, that day was a historical event, the most boring day in history. According to a database called “True Knowledge,” only an election happened in Belgium, and a soccer player passed away, but otherwise, there was really nothing to report on. Only small businesses or local news was reported, but as to be expected, there was really nothing to report on.  On April 18, 1930, the BBC simply had no news to report. When it was time to report the news the reporter only said, “There is no news.” For the remainder of the day, BBC only played piano music until when new news arrived. 


History is packed with extraordinary, yet exciting days. However, there have also been days when nothing really happened. These cases, however, are very rare to come across.