Ridge students compete hard, root hard too


Ava Padelford, Editor

What sports pull you in? How do they pull you in? The thrill of a home run or the excitement in a hockey fight. Each one is different and they all attract different people. 


Sports are thrilling to many all over the world. They can be intense and always keep people on their toes! Ridge students all over the campus enjoy playing and watching sports. Many have their home teams that they grew up adoring! Here are some sports students like to play and/or watch, and their favorite teams! 


Molly Bomar, sophomore at Mountain Ridge, enjoys playing beach volleyball the most. 


“It’s fun and actually kind of laid back and makes you feel like you are on the beach. It makes me feel energized and releases positive happy endorphins. Exercise is important and it’s fun to be a part of a team,” she claimed. 


She enjoys watching college football, but not professional football because it makes her feel “uncomfy.” Her favorite team is the University of Florida. She also is a Red Sox fan along with the rest of her family. 


Austin Bast, sophomore at Mountain Ridge, plays football. He works hard every week to get better and become stronger. He maintains a great attitude throughout the stress of sports and is a very positive athlete. 


“My favorite sport is football because it gives me the opportunity to spend time with friends and build relationships. My favorite sport to watch is either football because I play the sport and it is cool to see professionals play the sport or soccer because I enjoy the connections and intensity. My favorite sports team is the patriots because I grew up in a patriots household and my family is from the east coast” Bast asserts. 


Kelsey Nahodil, senior at Mountain Ridge, enjoys playing volleyball the most. Not only does she love playing, but she also is a coach and enjoys that just as much! She mainly watches football and her favorite team is the Chiefs. 


“I love the aspect of working as a team and I love to throw my body on the floor to save the ball” she mentioned. 


Kaden Hicks, junior, plays football and is determined to get better every week. He puts in the extra hours to train, lift weights, and the hard work every week to be the best he can be. He hopes to continue his football career throughout college as well. His favorite sport to watch is football and loves the Chiefs. 


Hicks claims that “my favorite sport is football because I’ve played it my whole life and I plan to play in college as well. 


Grace Kilby, sophomore, plays softball and is a swimmer here at Ridge. She puts time into her sports to improve and be the best she can be. She also enjoys working out and uses it not only to get stronger but as an escape from the stress in life. Kilby watches baseball and softball to learn from it and football with her family. The D-Backs are her favorite team. 


“My favorite sport is softball. I enjoy my 2nd base position because I’m able to get a ton of action in the infield and it helps me to have a good attitude if things aren’t going well,” she added. 


Austin Clayton is a senior at Ridge and his favorite sport is track. He works hard every week to become faster and gain more endurance. He consistently pushes himself and is determined to be the best! He keeps a positive attitude throughout the hard work and gets himself to his goals. 


“My favorite sport is track because I love the team comradery and the high level competition. I watch basketball the most and my family team is the suns.” he shared. 


Many people love watching sports whether it’s with family, friends, or just for fun. Students at Ridge work very hard to maintain their success in their sport. They strive to get better and reach their goals with hard work and dedication.