A Ridge Reflection


Aden Schulze-Miller, Editor in Chief


‘There’s never a moment lost when the best of us aren’t bound to time at all’. At least, that’s what a stranger said to me once; whether or not it’s the truth, I can’t really say. 


What is true is that I’ve had a complex and powerful high school experience, one that’s influence over me will probably cause me to forget nearly all of it by the time I’m in my late twenties. 


That’s a claim if there ever was one, but it’s an honest one in all of its potential fallibility. 


I believe that my high school experience has left such a profound and lasting impression on my psyche, to the point that my perspective has really shifted towards a positive outlook on the future and merely a fleeting glimpse of the past. None of my high school experience has gone to waste, all of it having a solid impact on my life and thus future. 


Of course, I’m responsible for my own decisions. Everything seems to happen for a reason when you’re passing through the ‘fast-times’, and that’s acceptable. 


My work in the written world has a legacy, though even that is temporary. The experiences made while tuning my art and meeting such beautiful people are, truly, what have left a lasting impact on my soul. 


Such is such, and so is so. I think there’s so much time left for me to flip-flop in perspective. For now though, I’m content with my high school experience and the potential for me in the future. 


Though I may or may not forget them, only time will tell, I’ll definitely miss all of the people that I’ve met along the way. People are, after all, some of the most complex and emotionally impactful things that you’ll ever meet in your life. 


There’s not much more to do or say. I’m graduating and that’s that. I’m grateful for everything that’s happened to me over the past four years, even if some of it seemed to hurt at the time. 


High School isn’t just a single open door into your future, it’s many, each leading to somewhere new and eventful, you know? It’s crazy to imagine how many doors there’ll be once I start getting bumped up into university. 


I’m no burgeoning prophet or stone-aged beast, I’m just me now and always will be. (Woosh!)