Being a Niece to a Police Officer

Being a Niece to a Police Officer

Kelsey Nahodil, Editor

Police officers, something I associate with great love. Having an uncle who is on the police force shows me the truth and reality of the police. Used to be known as our protectors are now being hated on by an immense amount of people. Knowing police officers personally it hurts me to hear people bash them or make me feel stupid for loving them. You don’t have to agree with me on this topic but it always seems like great hate goes towards me and my family from people who are only seeing what is put on the internet. 


People will jump to conclusions on certain stories without even knowing the full story. They will believe anything bad about a police officer and make assumptions without knowing the truth behind the story. Yes, there have been really bad things that have happened that nobody can defend but why is everyone’s conclusion always the police are awful people. 


There have been many times that attacks were initiated before the police made a move. Tell me what you would do in some of these highly intense situations. The situation with George Floyd and others was completely disturbing and police officers were wrong but does that police officer set what all police officers are like? No, just like killers don’t represent everybody’s reputation in the world. 


Police officers have been in my life since I was a little kid, my grandpa, my uncle, etc. I have always grown up with the biggest love for them and never thought people would dislike me for it. But for unfortunate reasons recently there have been some people who disagree with me and while I don’t ever talk about the police. I have shirts I wear that are for fallen officers but some people’s reactions have been harsh recently all because they don’t agree with me.


As my uncle has been a police officer ever since I was little I have been very supportive of the Police because he is one of the most kind hearted people in the world. To see such hate going towards him and having to watch him stand there in the riots was one of the most gut wrenching feelings. I know there will always be people who hate the police but people don’t think about the family that is back home for all the police officers and what affects it is having on them.


Yes, there are some bad police officers out there but we can’t let a couple bad ones set the standard for all the police. I have been called names and have gotten nasty stares all because I wore one of my papa’s shirts for fallen officers. I will no longer be holding back that the police are some of the best people I know and I wouldn’t want to change my opinion on them ever.


I feel protected when I am around them and love to see the good my uncle is doing in the world. You don’t have to agree with me but dont treat me differently because you don’t like my views. Everyone is always about expression and supporting everyone so why is there so much hate going towards the Police. I am not going to get into the political aspect of it but I know what a good person my uncle is and that’s what matters to me. Should I be getting hurt because you don’t like the police. Police have been there for decades and now we are hurting them because of bad opinions on them is what is the hardest thing to comprehend. 


If I wear my police shirt out in public there shouldn’t be all this hostility against me. People wear controversial shirts all the time and this isn’t even a controversial shirt, as I said before it is for fallen officers who have died in the line of duty. People post hate on the police all the time but as soon as I post something positive or see something positive it is all  hate going towards them. 


Police officers will always be in my life and I will always continue to love them and what they do for this country. My uncle is one of the top inspirations in my life because of how much he cares for his family and loves to help people.