Stories too Embarrassing to be True

Stories too Embarrassing to be True

Ava Padelford, Editor

What’s the most embarrassing moment in your life? Was it in front of a huge crowd or a few people? We’ve all been in the most awkward situations and embarrassing moments that we wished never existed. It’s definitely uncomfortable, but each moment turns into an exciting story! I know I’ve had these moments where I completely die inside… here they are. 



When I get frozen yogurt, I get most of the toppings. How couldn’t I? I had a tiny amount of yogurt and a mountain of cookie dough balls, chocolate chips, gummies, peanut butter cups, caramel syrup, sprinkles, and every other wonderful thing you could think of. As I was putting it on the weighing trey, my cup slipped off the edge and spilled all over the counter. There was a big line of people behind me who watched my spill. I said sorry to the cashier a million times and she must’ve had a bad day because she didn’t say anything. 


Kindergarten Accident 

“Peeing your pants is the COOLEST!”- Billy Maddison 

I never thought I would be the kid to have an accident at school. I was hard working, I got good grades and I knew when I had to go to the bathroom. In kindergarten, we had to use the classroom bathroom. We were too little to be going with the older kids. There was a girl in the bathroom for what seemed like forever. As she rushed out of the bathroom I immediately rushed in. Before I could do anything, I peed my pants. I was so upset and was worried about what my teacher would say when I told her my problem. I walked up to her with complete humiliation and she told me to go to the nurse. At the nurse, I got a change of clothes from my neighbor because my mom wasn’t able to bring it. “Now EVERYONE knows!” I thought. That same day each student was supposed to bring something to read to the class. I came back to class with white shorts on and previously I was wearing denim. I got up to read to the class and a girl shouted “Did you change your shorts?!” I was completely red and I hope this situation doesn’t ever happen again. 


Falling at Church 

My family and I used to live in Texas. I grew up there and lived there for seven years. We go back every other year for Thanksgiving and it’s a lot of fun to see old friends! Our home church, Cornerstone, was where I spent my Sundays. This church was where I grew up. We went back there when we were visiting and I decided to bolt out of the main church building to go to the kids building. There was a floor mat right in front of the door that got stuck over my sandal, causing me to fly forward. It felt like I flew a good ten feet but who’s counting. As I penguin slid across the cold slippery concrete, my legs went up to my head and my body bent the opposite way. There was one woman sitting at a table who watched my whole fall. I got up really fast to create less of a scene. I turned to my right and the woman was laughing so hard at me. I had never seen her in my whole life! She didn’t even ask if I was ok. I walked out of there with a bloody toe and humiliation. 



The doorbell always rings at my house and my brother’s little friends are usually on the other side of the door. On this fine Sunday afternoon, the doorbell rang and I went to go get it thinking nothing of it. There was a businessman at the other end with a clipboard and he began to talk to me. I heard him say “Hello! Would you like to buy…” and I shut the door in his face. At that moment I was thinking “no I don’t want anything from you. Shut up. Go away”. I wasn’t thinking of my actions. About five minutes later I felt bad I did that to him and embarrassed that I didn’t say anything. I looked out my window and there he was trying to sell something to my neighbors. At least I got out of his 30 minute speech!


Longboard Fall

A boy from school invited me to go longboarding with him and his friend one night and since they were in my neighborhood, I decided to go. We drove around looking for good areas close to my house and they said they knew where the perfect hill was. I longboard a lot but only on easy paths that don’t typically have huge hills. Anyways, we parked at the top of this hill and it didn’t look too bad at all. I thought I would ride down and be totally fine. I wasn’t scared at all and the guys I was with were excited which made me excited. They take off zooming down and leaving me behind. I started to go and was quickly rushed down the hill by gravity. I was going the fastest I’ve ever gone and will ever go on a longboard. My ankles began to shake and I had a hard time keeping my balance. I would move slightly to the left and go WAY left. Same thing for the right. 


Suddenly, a car appeared out of nowhere. I had two options: continue straight and hit the car or move out of the way and eat the street. I chose the latter and crashed super hard into the street. My board went flying and the car safely passed by. I slid across the concrete and laid there for a bit. I was thinking “NO WAY!!” I laid in the street for a bit thanking the Lord I was ok. 


“Can I go to the bathroom” 

It was a long day of school in the fifth grade and I had the stomach ache of my life. I’m warning you now, this story may be filled with some personal information you may not want to hear. Anyways, I was chilling in my math class and I really had to go number two. I walked up to my teacher and said “Can I go to the…” 


All of a sudden a machine gun fart cut me off. It was so loud and the look on both of our faces shined with shock. I quickly said “NEVERMIND” and sat down. I died inside. The whole class started plugging their nose and they knew someone farted. I sat in my chair thinking that if I got up to ask if I can go to the bathroom again they would all know it was me who passed gas. To my surprise, my teacher came up to me seconds later and said in a panicked voice, “Ava did you have to ask me something?!” I then asked to go to the bathroom and ran over there like there was no tomorrow. After, I returned to class like it was no big deal and continued working on my math problem. 


The list of stories goes on! Some of them will always be burned in my memory. I’m thankful for these experiences that helped me to stop caring what people thought about me. After every story, no one truly cared at the end of the day. 

Live your life without fearing what the world thinks of you. You are too valuable and life is too short to constantly worry about what people think. Looking back, I wish I didn’t care what people thought about me so much. You may be completely embarrassed at the moment but most of the time people aren’t paying attention to you at all.