Kelsey Nahodil, Editor

People will say that I am as competitive as it gets, which may be very true. Competitiveness has always been a part of me even when I was three. I love to win and put my best foot forward with everything. 


Volleyball is the place that gets me the most competitive so coaching came with a bit of a challenge. The parents on the team either loved how I coached, or hated it. I can admit I get a little intense sometimes but it’s all because I want the girls to be the best they can be and achieve any volleyball goals they may have. The last five years have been filled with these volleyball girls and seeing them grow into the strong and improved players they are. 


They all think my competitiveness is funny because of how serious I will take a simple game at practice because I like to win. Being competitive can also have it’s negative effects because some people get rubbed the wrong way. 


Especially in volleyball, people will take my attitude the wrong way unless they really know me, like all the girls on the older team who have known me for the last five years. But when I started coaching I was only 13 years old. I was a very heated teenager who took competitiveness to a whole new level. Some people hated it and others loved it. While I can’t say that I have changed my competitive ways, I have still matured and been able to realize when it is too much sometimes.


I don’t think being competitive is the best thing but it has its perks. In my job, I am always trying to work the hardest and be the best I can be because I never want to disappoint anyone. I don’t “compete” with the other workers but I try super hard to make sure I’m not being lazy.


I used to hate how competitive I was because I never wanted people to dislike me in volleyball,  but I have learned that I will always have a competitive nature and I won’t be able to change that. I’ve learned to not care what those think of me and if they don’t like my attitude then I am fine with it. 


I am very good at taking anything and making it a competition, board games, puzzles, etc. Basically anything that my sister and I can compete in we do, but coaching volleyball has really taught me when it is time to be competitive and when it’s time to be more up lifting for these girls. I know I might be the most competitive person in my family but I don’t mind it very much and enjoy my competitive nature.