One Mask Hurrah


Ava Padelford, Editor

I am not the only person who is sick of COVID and having this virus ruining bits and pieces of our lives. I’m sick of plans being canceled or moved. I want it to go away just like everyone else. But the fact is, it won’t. 


Everything in the world is constantly trying to kill us; we are all going to die eventually. As depressing as that sounds, it’s not new information. COVID, being an overused topic of the daily news, is definitely dangerous to some and has little effect on others. Some choose to live their lives in fear and others choose to not even acknowledge the fact that COVID is a very real thing and has killed over 4 million people worldwide. 


I never thought COVID would affect me. I went over a year without getting it and just truly never saw myself getting it. I watched what the sickness did to my friends and family. I knew how dangerous it could be but being young and healthy I knew I’d be ok. At the end of the summer I ended up getting covid from a church camp I went to, but I was totally fine and had a quick recovery. 


As for wearing a mask, I don’t want to and don’t feel the need to. From the second mask mandates were lifted, I never wore it out in public again. I got all the dirty looks and embraced them with a smile that wasn’t hidden behind a piece of cloth. 


Doug Ducey released a law that stated that it’s illegal to force anyone to wear a mask. Everyone of course still has the right to wear one but people don’t have to if they don’t want to. 


It’s my personal decision to put a mask on or to leave it off. I don’t believe anyone should be forced to wear one or forced to not have one. Everyone needs to be able to be entitled to their own opinions and people need to respect it. 


I understand the people that wear a mask. It’s their personal choice and if they believe they need to take that precaution then so be it. It’s absolutely none of my business what other people are doing and my choice to not wear a mask isn’t anyone else’s business. 


I remember how frustrated I was when I was told I’d have to wear a mask during my track season. The hot weather and extreme conditioning wouldn’t mix well with something limiting my supply of air. I also thought it was crazy because we were outside in an open and fresh environment. This rule, however, only lasted a week before the district decided it wasn’t necessary. We only had to wear a mask when we were in big groups. 


COVID will never go away. It could advance and get worse but as for now, I don’t want to live in fear. I think masks aren’t necessary and I’m willing to get covid to become immune to it for a while. Not everyone is healthy and if wearing a mask helps them feel safe and comfortable they have every right to it. I feel safe and comfortable without a mask.