MRHS Back to Normal?


Molly Bomar, Co-Editor

The 2020-21 school year was a whirlwind to say the least. 


Schools were closed down and reopened, Zoom calls crashed numerous times, and mask mandates forced students to take breaks within their block scheduled classes. 


After the summer of 2021 and the numerous vaccinated students and staff, it seemed as though this school year might be back to normal. 


Masks are not being enforced by the Deer Valley Unified School District and the arrows directing traffic along the stairwells and hallways have been removed. There have been confirmed dates of the homecoming dance in October, the indoor assemblies have been scheduled for spirit week, and students can now sit 20 to a lunch table if so desired. 


Our short distance to the light at the end of the tunnel is lengthening as the darkness of current rising COVID cases is beginning to catch up with us.


Vaccinated students now have the choice to quarantine after being exposed to another student with COVID-19. However, unvaccinated students must self-isolate for 6 days before returning to school to protect themselves and their families. 


Some teachers, staff, and students have freely chosen to wear masks while inside classrooms and when in close quarters with others. 


Jessica Wenztel, a Ridge junior, has begun wearing a mask as COVID cases have begun to rise in the district. 


“I feel that if I can help more people not get sick, I don’t mind doing it,” Wentzel said. “I’d rather stay healthier so we can stay in school.”


Other districts in Arizona have reinforced masks despite the Arizona Legislature’s ban on mask mandates. Some schools now require students to be vaccinated, like colleges in the University of California system, as recently as July and beginning of August.


Our future of normality wavers in the balance of the Delta variant and the new spike in COVID cases across the country. 


Despite these variables, MRHS’s Student Government still plans for student activities this fall and spring semesters .


“As of now, we are planning everything as normal,” Doug Evans, the Student Government advisor, said. “Personally, I want everything to be back to normal, so hopefully that’s the case.”


Ridge Army is currently awaiting the demolition of O’Conner this football season with the help of a raging student section cheering them on.