Club Rush Roundup

Club Rush Roundup

Makayla Bast, Journalist

The main campus pathways between the C and E buildings flooded with pop up tables. Clubs decorated these with balloons, posters, and bright welcoming smiles. Fresh faces swarmed the tables (possibly prompted by the promise of free candy for visiting). Club communities grew and Mountain Ridge got the opportunity to be a place full of strong impactful extracurriculars. 


With the new year kicking off, clubs made a push for students to join after a year of chaotic challenge to the normal activities. The presentation of Club Rush during both lunches over the course of August 17th and 18th was a hit.


Clubs at Ridge are a pride of its legacy for the impact they make on our campus and community. Club Rush was such a valued occasion for others to keep the fire of graduates before them alive with the vigor of the next generation’s youthful ideas.


With current sophomores being victim to the virtual tribulations of last year, this chance to finally get to walk the path of tables during Club Rush was a welcoming chance not many let pass by. 


Joined with freshmen, new students, sophomores, or juniors and seniors looking at the new changes in club life, resulted in many new people contributing to this Rush. 


“Being a new student, Club Rush helped me meet new people and find people who have the same interests as me. I feel like I already know more people than I did and am excited to keep growing friendships in my clubs throughout the year,” stated Ben Beachy, a new student on campus getting a firsthand experience on this Ridge event.


The campus benefitted with clubs like Academic Decathlon, Best Buddies, Fashion Club, Ridge Army, and Model United Nations Club, being on campus. Ultimately, there was something for everyone to find their place in. All clubs were welcome to everyone and each student noted what sparked their interest as they tracked each club’s table ploy. 


“I think it is important to join clubs with people you have things in common with,” said Junior Katelyn Lyons, a member of NHS, Mentor Program, and Society of Female Scholars clubs.


At the end of the day, even the clubs running the tables saw the impact of such an event. The chance to welcome diverse types of people into their environments, meant the club tables got the chance to harness fresh ideas to propel their action to the next level of success.


“Club Rush helped us grow our club because we were able to meet new people and connect with them through our love of the same thing,” said Millie Kujawa, a senior on campus who helped run the Fellowship of Christian Athletes Club (FCA) table over the two day period.  


After such a successful promotion of each of Mountain Ridge’s 40-50 individual clubs on campus, new members have been added to the families of these organizations which will kindle their futures over the course of the 2021-2022 school year. Thanks to all staff, sponsors, table runners, clubs, and willing new student members for making this Club Rush another one to be recalled as a success in Mountain Ridge’s history.