You Make Me Loco. Wanna Go to Hoco?


Ava Padelford, Editor


Homecoming is coming up soon and I’m sure you’re just squealing with excitement. There are many great parts about homecoming which include dinner and pictures with friends, dancing, and awkwardly slow dancing with the love of your life. It’s a night for people to feel special and all blinged out. 


Apart from feeling special on this once-a-year night comes the date or who you go to the dance with. It’s always great to go with friends and personally feels a lot more comfortable, but if you plan to go with your special someone, there are a few things to keep in mind. 


Choose Wisely

You don’t want to go to the dance with someone that may make you feel uncomfortable. Don’t choose someone super awkward unless you’re fully willing to have the most humiliating slow dance of your life. Pick someone that makes you truly happy to ensure that you have a night you’ll never forget. 


The Build Up

Now that you’ve found that one person just for you, it’s time to start planning the proposal. Depending on your personality you may want to do something super extravagant or something less showy. I would say to always go for your biggest idea. Go big or go home! You want to do something that your person will never forget. Write down ideas, talk to your closest friends so they can tell you what is totally stupid and what is not, plan out what you want to do!


Asking someone to Homecoming could be as simple as a cute poster with a funny pun, or you could go as far as getting the band involved because everything is better with a band. You’re only doing this once so make it your best. 


Poster Ideas

“Your dad said I could take you to Hoco when pigs fly. Well…”

Get some pig balloons and have them hover above your poster. You will blow their socks off!


“Don’t be a meanie and come to Homecoming with this weenie!” 

Put on a hot dog costume and decorate your poster with the most amazing and vibrant colors. Stand in your great fit with pride!


“Homecoming would suck without you.” 

Buy a whole bunch of suckers to go along with your poster. Make sure to get a plethora of the best flavors. Everyone loves candy! If they don’t, you shouldn’t ask them to the dance. 


“I just popped by to ask you a question…”

Get balloons and bring them to the door. Then after you ask the question, pop all of the balloons. BAM! Literally. They would be crazy to say no.


Now that you’ve done everything you can, the only thing to do is wait for their answer. If all goes well for you, they won’t hesitate to say yes right in the moment! If you follow this guide, and they say no, it has nothing to do with how you asked but to do with you. If they don’t like you, they don’t like you. Keep your hopes high! You can do it!