Is the Vaccine Mandate Constitutional?


Ava Padelford, Co-Editor

Thursday, September 9th, Joe Biden created a vaccine mandate that will be enforced in about 75 days. This mandate will require all employers with over 100 federal workers to get vaccinated or tested for the virus weekly. 


Companies that don’t follow the new mandate could be fined $14,000.


I think the fine is extreme along with the idea that the government wants to force Americans to get vaccinated. 


No one should be forced to make a serious health care decision, especially with the vaccine being so new. Many people don’t want the vaccine and don’t believe it’s necessary. Others are fearful of what is actually inside the vaccine and would only get it, possibly, years down the road.


People that are required to get vaccinated that don’t want it will end up quitting their job or not being able to work for the company. More than 80 million workers will be affected by the new mandate with raging views on the mandate from each side. 


This mandate, for now, only applies to the workforce. The argument that people should get vaccinated to get rid of covid or save others at risk confuses me. Getting the vaccine will not end covid. People with the vaccine can very well still get covid and pass it along to others. It is, however, their opinion to believe what’s best for themselves. I just wish they had more respect for people who don’t want it. 


Personal medical decisions are no one’s business except for the person making the decision. No one should be forced to get a shot they don’t want. Others who have gotten the vaccine have the right to get it and shouldn’t be questioned about their personal decisions either. 


I constantly am asked by one of my family members if I have been vaccinated yet. I always reply with a kind no. Recently, they asked me why I chose not to get it and I told them I just don’t know enough about what is in it to get it. I believe it’s too early to receive the vaccine and that in a few years I’d have a better view on it. As for now, I am not willing to get it. Then, he continued to argue with me about why I should get it and how important it was. He went on and on and began to bash on my personal beliefs about completely opposite subjects. An opinion I had on the vaccine turned into a whole evaluation on my personality and who I am. 


Respect is very important to me and I wouldn’t ever say anything hurtful to someone who chooses to get the vaccine. People are degrading people and tearing them down because of a personal medical decision that is none of their business.


With that being said, it is crazy to force such a thing on people. It is our right and freedom to choose what we want to put in our bodies. It is unconstitutional to force such a thing on Americans.