Get Organized With School


Alexa McClain, Journalist

Students are constantly complaining about the excessive amount of homework that they have. They gain this unnecessary anxiety over the “overwhelming” amount of assignments. Well, is it really that you have too much, or is it just that your organization skills are lacking. That’s why I’m here to share tips and tricks on how to make your life easier on the subject. 


Get a Planner

Sometimes, the assignments really do just pile up and it’s hard to keep track. Investing in some sort of an agenda or planner keeps the list in one area. I feel as though we often want to cram so much into our brains, leaving us stressed out. Life is already difficult. Why make it harder on yourself?


The simplicity of a planner is what makes it so amazing. Also, may I add, that there is nothing more satisfying than checking off or crossing out a completed assignment, done by no other than yourself. 


 Don’t Procrastinate 

After a long and tiring day at school, nothing sounds better than to jump on the couch with a bag of chips and be lazy. Well… don’t do it! Look, I’m not saying that I don’t relate, because I do. I understand that you just learned for almost eight hours straight and that your brain can only take so much, but I promise that it is so worth it. 


Sit down in your cleaned and spacious area, directly after school, and finish your school work. When you’re feeling discouraged, just think about all of the things that you could be doing at 4PM instead of homework. 


Prioritize What’s Important 

What I mean by this is put down the phone! This has to be the biggest distraction. If you know you don’t have enough self control to not look at your phone when a notification goes off, then mute it. Set it across the room. Put it in an entirely different room if you have to. 


Maybe that sounds too difficult. At least get some sort of time management app on your phone to help eliminate the temptation of the device. There are apps like Forest, Todoist, RescueTime, etc. that were created for this particular reason. You can even go through your settings and set timers on your phone’s apps to ensure that work gets done at some point in the day. Whatever you do, don’t let the device have control over your waiting assignments. 


Keep A Cleaned Space

With the immense amount of weight on your shoulders for things to do, why add the extra distraction of a messy area? When you get home, I decide where I am going to do my homework, and then I tidy up the area. When trying to do homework in a dirty/unorganized space, it can be difficult to focus on what is really important. 


A cluttered environment tricks the brain into emphasizing the mess. If you’re anything like me, then you would understand that feeling overloaded with work and a messy work space would freeze all productivity. 


Get All Zenned Up 

Doing homework doesn’t always have to be such a strict and tight thing. Chill out, relax, and get comfortable. Maybe you decided to do your assignment on your all made up bed. Put on your best pair of baggy sweatpants and throw on some calming jams. Maybe you light your delicious Cookie Crumble candle and get in tune with the scents. 


Make the best of this time that you get to yourself. Make the best of the time that you get away from your crazy family. Just be at zen with it. 


So, do yourself a favor and get on a homework schedule. Get your assignments in on time and get them done efficiently. Go get ’em tigers! You can do it!