Fall Festivities to get you in a Autumn Mood


Isabella Montoya, Journalist

With October right around the corner, people impatiently wait for Halloween movies to start playing on TV. But living in Arizona, when 8 months out of the year are 100 degrees, it can make it somewhat challenging to get involved in the holiday. Have no fear, here’s a spooktacular list of fall things to do that are sure to get you in the autumn mood.


1.Bake Halloween Pillsbury cookies. We all know the iconic cookies that look almost too cute to eat. It will give you a huge dose of serotonin in just one bite. They have 2 different options of cookie styles, Ghost or Pumpkin. Personally, I prefer the ghost, because sometimes when you bake them, they start to deform. Pumpkin seems to be most people’s favorites, so why not try both! Go out and buy yourself some delicious Pillsbury cookies, and make sure you share some.


2.Daytrip to Flagstaff. Since the seasons are starting to change, why not go up north and see all the beautiful leaves change to lovely shades of orange and yellows? Flagstaff is a great place to put you in the fall spirit. In downtown Flag, there are so many old architectural buildings and small shops, making you feel like you’re in a Halloween Town, except without all the witches and ghouls.  It’s the perfect temperature to wear some long sleeves and jeans without profusely sweating. You can even stay at the ‘Rumored to be Haunted’ hotel, the Hotel Monte Vista. One night costs about $70 dollars and you may end up sleeping next to a spirit. OOOO SPOOKY! Who wouldn’t want to stay here? 


3.Visit the Pumpkin Fest at Fairmont Scottsdale Princess. Through September 16th to October 31st,  you can go experience a super fun night of thrills and food. You can start your night off with some relaxation at the pumpkin patch. Enjoy some homemade pie and apple cider. You can even buy a pumpkin to take home! Say hi to Patches, the friendly scarecrow and take pictures at the pumpkin farm truck. Go ahead and walk on over to the Jack-O-Lantern Lawn. Roast some marshmallows in the fire pit and ride a bunch of super fun rides! It’s a great blend of relaxation and thrills!  For general admission and 4 wristbands, it costs $72. Any additional wristbands cost $18 each. You’ve got to go check out this one-of-a-kind experience!


4.Watch Halloween Movies. For all my homebodies out there, get some warm blankets, all your favorite snacks, and turn on any Halloween movie that grabs your attention. Some good movies to start with include ‘Halloweentown’, ‘It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown’, ‘Scooby Doo’ and ‘Hocus Pocus’. If you’re more of a scary movie fan, like myself, here’s some movies worthy of a good scream; The “1978 Halloween,” “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark,” and “A Quiet Place” are all amazing films to watch either with yourself or with a group of your friends. It’s always good to have a cozy night in!


These activities are guaranteed to throw you into the swing of fall. So go on and jump into the leaves, drink a pumpkin spice latte, and enjoy the changing of seasons.