Mackenzie Bremser: Educators Rising National Championship winner


Molly Bomar, Co-Editor

Fellow Mountain Ridge junior, Mackenzie Bremser, won the Educators Rising National Championship in Lesson Planning & Deliver STEM. She was recognized for her success at the district governing board meeting this past week. 


I’ve been interested in education and wanting to be a teacher since I was little,” Bremser said. “Most of my family are teachers and seeing them teach growing up has inspired me a lot.”


Bremser prepared and taught a mathematics lesson to 8th graders at Hillcrest Middle School for the competition. Her lesson included a PowerPoint, worksheets, and a bingo game to engage the students.


“I prepared in the class ‘Education Professions’ for two years,” Bremser said proudly. “I was asked to teach a review lesson on finding solutions to systems of equations.” 


The junior hopes to be a middle or high school math teacher in the future and was further encouraged for her dreams through the positive responses she received. 


The 8th graders were engaged throughout the lesson and seemed to enjoy the review bingo game at the end,” she said contently. “Having my ‘Education Professions’ teacher, Mrs. Moya, and the principal at the board meeting meant a lot to me as well.”


 Bremser has served at her church with children for many years, giving her an abundance of background in education and hands-on experience.


“This award has shown me my strengths in being able to teach and how being a teacher is my purpose in life,” she said. “[This award] has also shown me my passion and purpose for serving and educating others.” 


The championship has given her a partial scholarship to GCU, her dream college.