What Does November 1st Change?

What Does November 1st Change?

Makayla Bast, Journalist

The Halloween decorations have endured their dutiful term throughout the month of October. Now that Halloween passes with the conclusion of this month, November sets us up with a whole new multitude of expectations.


The scary fix of the year has been replenished and now it is acceptable to reminisce in the season of joy and giving. Interestingly enough, once the month changes, people immediately reflect and observe this new season. 


November 1st means people can be accepted by society if they choose to set up their Christmas trees or string holiday lights across their roof. People eagerly jump at the opportunity to be festive and down a suburban street, more likely than not, lights will twinkle in the near future as winter rounds the corner.


Marketing wise, holiday cookies will flood the bakery section of the grocery store and wreak havoc on the season for the remainder of 2021. So get used to it. Your eyes should be very familiar with the colors of green and red because that new lens won’t disappear from your viewline until Santa has made his rounds. 


Not only will you be overstimulated by a season’s greeting with the commencement of November, but your ears will also be serenaded. In the promise of the season that lingers around the corner, classics like Jingle Bells, Last Christmas, and White Christmas will ring to satisfy our inner bells for the season. A stark contrast to the spooky tunes that were so familiar not a day earlier. This quick 180° turn of your Spotify playlists is begun on the month change, which is quite an interesting practice by society as a whole month of November separates the winter seasonal fun.


So with all these elements of a new season to look forward to, why do we almost overlook the month of November in a stretch to later year’s joys? It’s almost as if fall has seemingly ended with Halloween and it is essentially winter (or constant 80 degree temperatures for us Arizonians). A strange phenomenon in regards that November still has much to offer and celebrate preliminary to December.


So, on behalf of November, I am here to remind you of the things to look forward to in this month instead of changing into your winter season theme early:


November houses a couple staple holidays of its own that make it notably praiseworthy. November 11th marks Veteran’s Day that rightfully praises the nation’s servicemen and women who put their lives on the line. Not only is the day gifted off from school, but it also allows the recognition of veterans which might be overlooked in the rest of the year. If November is skimped out on this year when Christmas music blaires in fall, we might lack acknowledging those who are indebted to this honor most.


In addition to this, there is also Thanksgiving. The week of November 22 is given off and that Thursday means belt buckles will need to be worn looser as families can be regathered. This time is the true reconciliation of family and community, that allows life to be put on hold. All in spite of the craziness that life wreaks which keeps us separate for most of the year. This time is usually so close to December that the tree might even overshadow the little turkey decorations and the leaf color changes that should be in the spotlight for this time. What a shame that this true day of unity would be leap frogged in favor of a more ethically pleasing season.


This year these festive days should be given the same respect as other holidays, and not skipped in place of a more exciting holiday season. But in all honesty, why would we want to ignore a holiday where one of the sole elements is to eat the most you can. This season, eat more, respect those who deserve it, and give more thanks than you have in the past eleven months.


With all the thankfulness this month unsurfaces, why not enjoy the moment rather than skip over it. The recent year has possessed enough uncertainty, so settle into November’s joys. Don’t fast forward to new holidays just because they only wait within a month or two. At least put off the Holiday tunes until November 5th, and don’t allow the excitement of this month escape as we advance to more joy. Revel in the smiles you wear today, and on the special days November will present in the coming weeks.