On the Border

Trip Advisor featuring On the Border - Mexican Grill & Cantina

Trip Advisor featuring On the Border – Mexican Grill & Cantina

Makayla Bast, Journalist

At On the Border, its name holds true as you really can’t tell which side of the border you sit on. In every bite, you get a taste of Mexico. Stepping across the border will be one of your best ones yet as you get the chance to have your tastebuds savor flavors that top all of its competition. Cross the border, and welcome the flavor here on home turf.


Scene: On the Border takes a step into Mexico. Spanish accents cover the walls, seating areas, and even bathrooms. The scenery is hard to miss and gives a nice touch to the dining experience. My personal favorite feature of the restaurant is the outside dining area. What’s better than Mexican food, family, a nice view, and afternoon Arizona weather. Tie in home with flavors at a distance from their origin. You might be miles away from the food’s home, but with the scenery and smell of delicious food filling your lungs, the restaurant does a convincing job making you feel as though you are on the border.


Food: Starting your meal with an overflowing basket of tortilla chips and authentic salsa, creates the greatest part of Mexican cuisine. If the chips are not enough to start you off, they offer appetizers such as the popular Border Sampler which includes mini chimis, nachos, and quesadillas as well as the Signature Queso that sides with chips. To continue the dine, main dishes include options of enchiladas, tacos, fajitas, chimichangas, and nachos. Favorites of the Border are Ranchiladas, Southwest Chicken Tacos, and the Classic Fajitas. My favorite from the restaurant is the Classic Burrito as it is simple Mexican food done right. This burrito is filled with the choice of chicken or beef, pico de gallo, and cheese rolled in a flour tortilla. It is smothered with chile con carne, sour cream sauce, green chile sauce, ranchero sauce or their signature queso. The cuisine is high level with classic flavors that entertain all. Trust me the first thing you try will be your new favorite, but be careful because the whole menu will battle for this spot on your list.


Desserts: To end the delicious meal, On the Border offers three choices of desserts: the Border Brownie Sundae, Caramel Churros, and Sopapillas. Yum, yum, yum! The Border Brownie Sundae is a rich chocolate and walnut brownie that is topped with soft and melty vanilla ice cream and immediately drizzled with chocolate sauce. The delicacy feeds up to four happy eaters that will have to make room for this can’t miss finale. The Caramel Churros, a house favorite, includes four traditional churros filled with warm caramel and dusted with cinnamon-sugar. Vanilla ice cream accompanies the churros and makes for another Mexican styled delight. The final option of Sopapillas comes with five Mexican pastries coated in cinnamon-sugar, served with honey and chocolate sauce for dipping. To end the delicious journey down south, a dessert has to be purchased to fully enjoy the evening’s eats.


Drinks: On the Border, has a variety of family friendly drinks to accompany a night out. The restaurant provides Coca Cola drink products which seem to satisfy most customers. Other alternate choices are iced tea, coffee, juice, milk, lemonade, and simply water. A great drink pairs nicely with the Mexican cuisine and helps wash down the tasty bites.


Lowdown: Good Mexican food with a nice area to accompany the enjoyment of the food. The meal is moderately priced, but well worth the spend as the high quality experience can not be topped.


Not convinced? Try this special restaurant for yourself and let your opinion gallup into a satisfied review. As you savor the food of the night, revel in the friendly atmosphere and the Mexican experience that you get to personify in, all the way in Arizona. 


More Details:

On the Border

Hours: Monday – Sunday, 11 a.m. – 11 p.m.

Where: 7873 W. Bell Rd.

Phone:  602-247-7606

Website: ontheborder.com

Cuisine: Mexican

Kid friendly? Yes

Stars: 3.5 out of 5 (Yelp)

My Review: 3.9 out of 5 because of yummy food and an even better atmosphere

Price: moderate to semi-expensive depending on food/drink choice and amount of order, but the quality is sufficient as your stomach gains more than your wallet deploys.