A (School Appropriate) Bucket List For Your Teenage Years


Kimi Matibag, Journalist

The era of youth is to be cherished, and it’s not until it’s gone do people realize all the things they wanted to do but never got to. Living with regret is one of the worst feelings in the world, because not only does it consume you, but also there’s nothing you can do about it and you have to live with that. Sometimes it never goes away either. So the only way to not live with regret is to make the most out of everyday and to not be afraid to get out of your comfort zone! Here are 6 adventurous (and school appropriate) things to do as a teenager that will make you feel alive and make some great memories to look back on in the future.


  1. Dress up (or down) and get some food with friends


One of the most adrenaline rushing things is overcoming embarrassment. Oftentimes we like to stay in our comfort zones out of fear of judgement, but that’s exactly what leads to regret. The best memories come from instances where we do things we never thought of doing, things we never thought we’d be able to do. The rush and excitement is what turns a moment into a memory. A great way to push your limits without harming anyone or yourself is to dress up in a way you’ll stick out then go eat in public. It’s even more fun when you’re with friends. Throw on a unicorn onesie and go eat at McDonald’s, or even better a sit-down restaurant like Olive Garden. Put on a suit or a dress and do your hair then have a fancy dinner with your friends at Cheesecake Factory, or bring your glam to a fast food place like In-n-Out. The urge to escape everyone’s stares will try to stop you, to limit you, but gradually you’ll stop caring how others look at you and in that moment there will be excitement, adrenaline, and pride, and it will stick with you forever. 


  1. Have a car picnic under the stars


Take a moment and appreciate what’s around you, because some of the best beauties lie just within your surroundings. The night time alone is enough to tell a million stories. You know those scenes in those coming-of-age movies that make you feel hopeful? The ones that make you think, “gosh, I want to do that”. Well you can go do that and you should go do that. Nothing is stopping you! And what is “that” exactly? Well, a picnic of course! Picnics are always romanticized in television and literature but not nearly enough in real life. Picnics are an excellent escape from reality, and every aspect of the experience is up to your creative freedom. Where will it be? The park, the roof parking lot, the backyard? What will everyone bring? Desserts, hot meals, fast food? You can give it a theme, you can have a roof over your head or you can just have the starry sky. Whatever you choose, a picnic would be a memory that will last a lifetime. 


  1. Capture your moments with a disposable camera


The qualities of pictures subconsciously associate with how nostalgic it is. Lower quality photos seem to draw out more emotional feelings because it’s a reminder of just how long ago a moment was. A higher quality obviously won’t take away from the sentimental value of a photo, but instead of taking regular pictures on your iPhone 12 pro or your Samsung S21, do something different like capturing all your moments with a disposable camera, a Kodak for example, because different makes memorable. After you build a collection of photos on your camera, print them out and either display them on a wall like in your bedroom, or bind them together into a photo album, a scrapbook album even. It’s easy to forget about digital albums in the camera roll because they’re tucked away in your phone, but a physical book of memories would be able to age and grow old with you and one day you’ll be able to pull it out from the depths of your cabinets and show it to your children and grandchildren. 


  1. Keep a journal


Sometimes our memories fail us, and we aren’t able to remember all the things we want to remember. Nothing is more frustrating than wanting to look back on this one specific moment and just not being able to remember the details or even visualize the moment in your head. It’s inevitable that one day all the memories you’ve cherished for so long will start to dull, and new memories will start to overtake them. Investing in a journal and documenting your life would act as your second memory bank, so even if you end up forgetting something you promised yourself you would remember forever, you can look back at your journal and read about your experiences like it was just yesterday. If it still doesn’t ring a bell even after reading your journal entry, it can just be a little short story full of surprises for you to peruse. Later on in life you will definitely be grateful for consistently keeping a journal. Write about how you went to the park today, or how you were very stressed about that math test yesterday but it turned out to be not that bad. Write about your hopes and dreams for the future then later on write and update on how that’s all going for you. Write everything and make it so vivid and colorful that no matter how many years pass by, you’ll always be able to remember those moments after reading your entries. 


  1. Watch the sunrise


The sky is a piece of art that never fails to impress, regardless of the time of day. Starry night sky? Ethereal. The streaks of paint in the sky at dawn? Gorgeous! Sunrises typically sneak past us before we even wake up, so everyday we miss out on a beautiful sunrise. One of these days, commit to waking up extra early, grabbing a blanket, a jacket and maybe a snack or two, and go sit somewhere outside to watch the beautiful colors streak the sky as the sun comes up. It’ll be a view worth the effort. Bonus points if it’s a little chilly outside! Bring some friends to watch the sunrise with you! It’s always more fun and meaningful when you have company. Maybe even make a wish at the first hint of light you see. Take a few pictures of it if you’d like, but don’t forget to soak in the moment in person, because nothing beats an experience like taking it in raw right in front of you. Pictures immortalize memories, but the feeling you get is something you’ll only remember with your mind.


  1. Put together a time capsule


Everything on this list can be considered pretty spontaneous, or at least very immediate. This one will require a little more patience and commitment on your part. Get some friends together with you and put together a time capsule. What’s a time capsule you ask? Well, it’s a small collection of objects, maybe even photos and other items, that are significant to you now that you store in a container, typically a box, and bury for a certain number of years. After that amount of years passes, meet back up with your friends after your lives have changed so much and dig up your time capsule, and look back on all the things you used to cherish back then when you buried it. Not only will you and your friends feel very sentimental seeing the very items you’ve once had with yourselves everyday right in front of you again, still intact after all those years, but also it’ll make you all remember how life was at one point, and how different your priorities now are compared to your priorities then. Time capsules are very endearing, as long as you actually stay friends with the people you buried your capsule with, remember where you buried it, and remember you made a time capsule at all. Otherwise, it will just rot in the dirt.


Our childhood and our teenage years are the times for us to have fun, so make the most of it while it lasts! These are only some examples of the many things you can do to make your youthful years the most memorable they can be.