Take Precautions When Training for Sports

Take Precautions When Training for Sports

Ava Padelford, Co-Editor

Training for a sport is physically draining and takes the right, most positive mindset to keep up consistently. It’s important to remember to focus on workouts that target your sport and help you gain the strength you need to do your very best. 


I run the 100 and 200 in track and I started my sprint training in November. I stopped heavy lifting and started doing more reps and less weight in an exercise. It’s crucial that if you are getting into your sport again, you train properly and limit exercises that can lead to an injury.


Running within any sport requires heavy use of leg muscle. When I am training and am in season, I stop squatting with heavy weights and move to much lower weight. The reason for limiting the amount of weight is so that there is less strain on the muscle. If you’re squatting heavy one day a week and have practice every day, there is a high chance of pulling a muscle.


 I made this mistake last year during the last week of my season. I tried to max out in my squat for whatever reason, and then ended up pulling my quad the next day at practice. I was devastated because  we had our last meet at the end of the week against O’Connor. Luckily, my dad was an athletic trainer and physical therapist. He helped me stretch and massaged the muscle and told me there was a high chance I wouldn’t be able to run. I took the next two days off from practice and continued the stretches and was able to do just one of my runs. I got a new personal record in my 100 and then had to leave because it was hurting again. 


According to “Signs You’re Lifting Too Much”, Henry Medina, a personal trainer said “by lifting heavy weights all the time you will end up damaging your joints…your joints act as a hinge when doing the movements while working out, so you are constantly putting heavy stress on your joints.”


The heavy stress from lifting will lead to an injury. It is awful to be hurt while in season. There are situations where it just happens and there isn’t much to do to prevent it. There are, however, proper training and precautions to take to do everything you can to prevent a tear. 


Stretching is key to preventing injury. Making sure to stretch everyday prevents muscles shortening and getting super tight, leading to injury. Stretching lengthens the muscles, creating a spring like force to ensure you can use your body to its greatest extent.


For runners, working on exercises that increase fast twitch muscle fibers will be the most beneficial. These fibers allow powerful movements to go throughout the muscle to provide a boost when needed. These fibers are used when sprinting and when performing any quick movements. Exercises that increase these fast twitch fibers are box jumps, jumping rope, jump squats, resistance training, and having more reps within a workout with less weight than normal. 


Remembering these training techniques will not only protect your body, but allow you to get new personal records and compete with your highest level of skill in your sport. Training requires dedication and commitment and doesn’t happen overnight. Keep your head up, increase your skill and protect your body. 


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