Best Gifts for Everyone


Isabella Montoya, Journalist

As we get closer and closer to Christmas, one thing is on many people’s minds. PRESENTS!  Many news channels are claiming to get christmas gifts soon, due to supply and demand. So if you want to be ahead of the game ( or you’re reading this the day before Christmas, still having zero gifts for loved ones), here are some of the best gifts everyone will enjoy!


A disposable camera: To capture in-the-moment memories you make during the holidays, give someone a disposable camera. For a 2 pack of Fujifilm disposable cameras, it’s $25. Once you use all the film in the camera, you can take in the film to get it developed. It costs around $16, depending on where you go and how many rolls of film you’re developing.


Box of Chocolates;  Who wouldn’t want a box of sweet cocoa?! At See’s Candies, you can buy a 1 lb box of chocolates, full of 23 unique and diverse chocolates for $25.50. If this is above your price range, local grocery stores also carry boxes of chocolate. It’s a gift guaranteed to make any member of your family or friend beam with joy.  It’s simple, but it cannot go wrong, cause who doesn’t love chocolate?!


Perfume/Cologne: Now, this is a gift that EVERYONE needs, maybe even wants. From my experience, there are 2 ways of going about this. Number one: Buy a perfume or cologne you believe the person will enjoy. Number two: Ask them either what perfume or cologne they use or fragrances they like. Most fragrances have a top note (last 5-15 minutes), middle notes (20-60 minutes), and a base note (up to about 6 hours). By asking a person what they like to smell like, for example I like to smell like pine, you could find a perfume with either a top, middle, or preferably bottom note of pine. It’s a way to guarantee that they get a perfume they will enjoy.


Slippers:  Every single person will benefit from a new nice pair of warm slippers. Even though it doesn’t get too cold in Phoenix, You don’t wanna walk around with cold feet. Most high-quality slippers start at about $30, but the price depends on the materials and brand. It’s a useful gift that will keep those you love warm through the winter.


Thoughtful gift: There is nothing better than a heartfelt sentimental gift. A gift with meaning will warm their heart and it shows how much you care about them. Your price range can be any value, which benefits many who are trying to stay on the affordable side. The gift itself can be as creative as you’d like.


All in all, I hope this list gave you some good ideas on what to buy for friends and family. I wish you all the best of luck to make sure you get gifts on time, and a happy holiday to all.