Wrapping Up the Holidays


Makayla Bast, Journalist


It’s the most wonderful time of the year, especially when you look under the sparkling Christmas tree and find a buffet of presents. All of the miscellaneous gifts sit under unique styles of wrapping, an array of paper, and a criminal amount of bows. You may have had the chore of tying up a prized present in the shielding paper and not given the action more than two thoughts. But, little did you know that the way you wrap up the presents you gift, is very telling to the character wrapped within oneself.

  • The Neat and Sleek: This person is the one who wraps the gift as fancy as they can. They measure the wrapping paper with a ruler and tie luxurious bows atop their masterpiece. All this work for the real present to be on the other side. Who’s going to tell them, their Mona Lisa of wrapping paper is going to be ripped away 10 seconds after it’s gifted? This type of person is the one who wakes up at 4:00 am every school day in order to be productive and get things done. They don’t wait for stuff to come to them as they meet it at the punch. They are very proper and might arguably be perfectionists, exhibit A being their wrapping. These types of people make the world go round, but might be a little uptight and should let loose a little more, and can start this by not putting 4 bows on the next gift.



  • The “I Spent 3 Seconds On This”: This one might be me if I am ever so brave to admit it. They get the perfect gift for their unknowing friend yet when the wrapping paper comes out, chaos ensues. They don’t mind picking out a unique wrapping paper that will make their gift pop, like one covered in dinosaurs in Santa hats or twinkling cartoon Christmas lights, but that’s as cute as this present will get. The wrapping paper may have straight lines on the flip side to aid these types of people when cutting, but you catching Santa on Christmas Eve is more likely than this action upholding. Strange angles of wrapping paper, combined with too much or too little paper makes the exterior of the present look a little funky. A bow put on top doesn’t help too much, but at least you tried right? These types of people are a little bit of a put together mess. They are productive in a unique facet and can get things done, but probably not in the traditional way like a Neat and Sleek person would. They might show up to things late and forget things, but they do their best and are some of the best people out there (not a biased recount at all because this is how I wrap my presents).



  • The “Is a Bag Good Enough?”: An age-old debate that still persists in this type of person. Once this person has purchased their desired item, that’s as far as their efforts go. They may have some fancy wrapping paper that could take their gift to the next level, but lazily they settle on their recycled gift bag that they received during their 2013 Christmas from Uncle Mike. The regifted bag is barely hanging on as it presents sagging snowflakes and overused candy canes that hardly hide the gift within. This type of person is the one who on Saturdays may not even roll out of bed. They aren’t necessarily lazy, but they know how to kick back and relax to the extreme. You might find this person that won’t do their homework if it isn’t finished at school, yet still maintains a decent grade in the class. At least as this toxic trait might land you a job as a future career in bagging at the local grocery store because of how good you’ve gotten around the holidays. One positive is that you know that the gift is more important than how it is presented which means at least you have a positive outlook on life.



  • The Red Herring: This one is quite the mystery. Say this person was planning on giving the gift of a shirt. They take this inconspicuous shirt and wrap it as normal. Then the madness ensues as they then plan to morph this shirt into something else in order to mislead the receiver of this said shirt. They may place the shirt in a neverending train of boxes so they stupidly have to rip open each one to be disappointed after every one or it may be wrapped as another present. They could make the shirt look like a chair, soccer ball, or even a cat. A strange thing to do, but it definitely makes the repetitive gift openings more interesting, and of course memorable. This kind of person might realize that their gift isn’t the greatest one so they distract others with the wrap in an attempt to make up for it. This type of person is likely good at keeping secrets and has an artsy side. Their creativity shows in their lives as they are a splash of bright color in a group setting. They are the “fun friend” and can always find a way to have the best time.


                                   Photo Credit: Pinterest


  • The “I Was Supposed to Bring a Present??”: This person is the reincarnation of the Grinch. Only there to get gifts and never to give. If someone shows up without their gift they deserve to be kicked to the curb and only allowed to reconcile if they return with a gift bag bigger than Santa’s. This type of person either has the memory of an ant or is a fake friend and should never be trusted. Keep a look out for these Scrooge’s this holiday season and make sure they don’t cheat you out of any seasonal smiles.



With the season of giving upon us, remember to reflect that giving is the best part of the season. It truly doesn’t matter how the gift is presented as long as it is sent in love and generosity. It may be telling of how you wrap that Secret Santa or white elephant gift but as long as you are giving and spreading smiles, you are making the season jolly!