Best Traveling Influencer: Hildur Karlsson

Images via and Instagram account @hildurkarlsson

Molly Bomar, Co-Editor

Social media: our favorite time consuming activity. We are all guilty of endlessly scrolling through Instagram, getting stuck in the hole of celebrity and influencer profiles. The common trend of selfies and self-love quotes is on the decline and a new type of profile is on the rise: visually attractive content of breathtaking scenery. Influencers are now becoming travel agents through social media platforms while exploring the world. Hildur Karlsson is the best agent by far. 


Karlsson is an aesthetically appealing influencer who travels the world, capturing authentic beauty, giving key insights to ski equipment and guides to a perfect Iceland summer.


As a freelance photographer, Karlsson fills her Instagram page with enticing videos of waterfalls, glaciers, and ski trips down large, snowy mountains from Iceland, Norway, Sri lanka, and Sweden. 


Social media consumers are often at fault for poor mental health after scrolling endlessly through unproductive profiles, but this new trend promotes world travel and exploration: overall improving your outlook on life and helping you relax with calming scenery. 



Instagram account: @hildurkarlsson

Hildur Karlsson’s website full of adventurous images: