Well Coffee Co.


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Bella Matthey, Contributing Writer

There aren’t an abundance of coffee shops in the Peoria area, which makes Well Coffee Co even more special. They are located on the side of Copper Hills Church, and they are a bit hidden so keep an eye out or you might miss them. While their slightly high prices might discourage people from dining there, their service and goodies are like no other.


Scene: Since this shop is substantially new, it serves that perfect retro-modern look that has been in trend for the past few years. There is just the right amount of plants and décor, and on no account is the shop not in tip-top shape. Customers can catch employees cleaning up after a messy customer or just tidying up the place to make sure that it stays presentable for everyone else to see. And, in light of Well Coffee being locally owned, they provide an extensive amount of support to other local events and or businesses, by displaying posters, brochures and occasionally announcements on their Instagram page. If Well Coffee couldn’t get any better, their employees have the utmost customer service in the industry. No matter the age, they are always kind and understanding towards their customers and show them the respect that they deserve. 


Food: There is never a time that Well Coffee Co does not have a plentiful amount of outstandingly scrumptious treats. They receive their pastries from Baker Wee Bakery and Sugarloaf Lane Bakery which provides wonderful vegan and gluten free options. Well Coffee is delivered with these pastries on the daily, so you can be guaranteed that your food is fresh. These treats range from small colorful macaroons to large and fulfilling chocolate chip muffins. You might also find pastries such as the outstandingly good lemon olive oil loaf, blueberry scones, sea salt brownies, cinnamon rolls, and croissants. On top of that, the employees give you the option to warm or heat up whatever pastry you choose. And at the end of the day, their warmed up chocolate chip muffin calls for the prime homemade taste.


Drinks: While coffee might be in the name, that’s not the only drink that they serve. You name it! They’ve got sodas, juices, teas, and coffees, of course. Well Coffee Co also has an array of milk substitutes for those who have dietary restrictions. What makes Well Coffee’s coffee protrude compared to the alternative options, is the warm comforting taste. At the other stores their coffee is just too bitter, but not when it comes to this particular shop. To be precise, their butterscotch latte is the best example of the feeling of being bundled up in a blanket in front of a fireplace on any given fall night.



Hours: Monday-Saturday: 6am-6pm, Sunday: 7am-2pm

Where: 27035 Black Rock Blvd, Peoria, AZ 85383

Menu: wellcoffeeaz.com

Phone(623) 401-9703