Encanto Movie Recap & Review


Image from CNBC

Isabella Montoya, Journalist

On November 24th, 2021, the animated film Encanto graced theaters around the world, and reached home streaming on December 24th, 2021. Over winter break, The kids I babysit would not stop talking about how good the movie was. Finally, I decided to see what all the hype was about. Needless to say, it exceeded my expectations. Spoilers will be ahead.


In case you are unaware of what Encanto is all about, here’s a quick synopsis of the film. The movie follows Mirabel Madrigal and how each member of her family has a unique gift they use to help their community. Mirabel was the only member without a gift, and once the youngest Madrigal, Antonio, receives his gift, the enchanted casita begins to break and lose its magic.  Mirabel takes it upon herself to help save the broken family and breaking house. After mending estranged relationships with her sister Isabela and her uncle Bruno, she is stumped. The house is still breaking! After an argument with her Abuela, the house completely collapses on the Madrigals. Mirabel flees away from her family and her Abuela finds her. They have a heart-to-heart moment and realize that the family’s true gift is each other. The casita rebuilds itself as the family grows closer together.


This movie was everything I could have asked for and more! I was incredibly thrilled Disney made an animated movie that focuses on a latin family, Columbian specifically.  I loved how the movie centers around a large family too. The family shows the chaos, drama, and love that many families across the world have.  One of the endearing parts is how everyone can see themselves in at least one of the Madrigal Family members. It’s something that many viewers seem to really enjoy. 


Moving onto the soundtrack, I was pleasantly surprised. I really had no idea what the soundtrack would be like, but I was blown away! The voice actors are incredibly talented and the composers are truly gifted. With over 44 songs, eight of which were written by Tony- and Grammy-winning songwriter/composer Lin-Manuel Miranda, it really pulls you into the movie. These songs are guaranteed to get stuck in your head, especially “We don’t talk about Bruno!” I saw the movie about a week ago, and yet, It’s still in my mind.


So far, Encanto has made $206.1 million. The budget was $150 million, so they had a large profit! Directors Jared Bush and Byron Howard had worked together in the past on the film Zootopia, which was also a box office success. Needless to say, they make a great team, and even greater movies!


All in all, I really enjoyed this film. It has something for everyone. If you ever have an hour and 39 minutes to yourself, sit down, grab a snack (maybe some tissues), and enjoy the masterpiece of Encanto!