Caminero’s Mexican Food


Image from UberEats

Remi McKim, Journalist

There are many Mexican restaurants in Arizona, as the state borders Mexico. However, if you are looking for a relatively cheap Mexican restaurant without having to sacrifice your taste buds, the perfect place is on Deer Valley road in Peoria, Arizona– Caminero’s. It has an array of excellent Mexican food, doing each dish justice and making for a memorable visit. While some of the platters experiment, there are always basic options that are exquisite. Family-owned, Caminero’s is snuggly sat near Albertsons. 


Once entering, you are automatically greeted by the delicious aroma of all the authentic food. Recently remodeled, the restaurant is sleek and clean while still giving a homemade air to the place. Murals are painted on the walls, adding to the overall atmosphere and the staff serve the food with a smile on their face.


A plethora of Mexican food items lines the menu, each well priced for the amount you will receive. The selection of burritos include specialized ones such as the Arizona burrito, filled with carne asada, cheese, and potatoes priced at $9.99. Similarly, there is a California burrito which has beans, cheese, avocados, and your choice of meat for $9.99. Each burrito has its own specific ingredients, perfectly able to cater to whatever mood you are in.


Aside from burritos, there is an option to order an item with a side of rice and beans included. Enchiladas, crunchy tacos, fajitas, and a carne asada plate all fall under this category. There are multiple choices to choose from when considering the enchiladas, each catering to a different taste. The regular cheese enchilada is only $8.99, a nice price for such a savory dish. Whilst it is the most plain of the enchilada options, it is by no means any less. The melted cheese on top draws the plate together, the enchilada sauce pooling around them. Caminero’s makes sure that there is no need to worry about running out of the sauce. And, if you are in a more adventurous mood, you can add the sauce to the rice and beans for extra flavor. This is the most basic option for an enchilada plate but you can expound upon the delicious default. If you choose to add beef or chicken, the price rises to $10.99. This option adds protein, always an upside, with the perfectly charred meat. For chicken lovers, the enchilada suizas include chicken smothered by a creamy green sauce for a price of $10.99. This alternative is the same price for a slightly different serving, making it a safe bet to try. Of course you could take it another way by adding shrimp and fish with an enchanting green sauce. The seafood enchilada dinner does have a slight price bump compared to the other selections, costing $12.99. The last option is cheese enchiladas paired with two crunchy tacos, drawing together the rich taste of the enchilada with the crispy tacos. All of the aforementioned enchilada choices come with a side of rice and beans.


Of course, there is also a breakfast menu with breakfast burritos and breakfast plates. Caminero’s is not only a lunch and dinner, breakfast is also served hot. Like the lunch menu, the options for breakfast are plentiful. Perfect for the times when making breakfast seems too hard, you can easily order webos rancheros for $10.99. This flavorful breakfast plate checks off all of the boxes for good webos rancheros: lots and lots of cheese and ranchero sauce. The two eggs are cooked over easy, allowing for the taste to truly explode in your mouth. If you are running late to work but need a tasty breakfast, the breakfast burritos are a must. There are six different types, each with egg and another ingredient (cheese, ham, bacon, chorizo, etc.) The breakfast options are as good, if not better, than the lunch menu choices.


The one downside of Caminero’s is the lack of dessert items. Although, the bottles of Coca Cola from Mexico that they serve does satiate that sweet counterpart of savory. 


Earning 575 reviews on Google with the restaurant averaging a 4.4 star rating, it is fair to say that Caminero’s is an active place. Due to the delectable food and warm mood of the restaurant, many people enjoy dining at Caminero’s. The restaurant normally is filled, but not necessarily full. There should be a table open–just keep it in mind when choosing a time to go. 


They are open from 8AM-8PM on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Hours on Sundays and Mondays differ slightly from the rest of the week–8AM-2PM on Sundays, 8AM-3PM on Mondays. These times for Monday are different from their usual schedule, 8AM-8PM, and are a temporary change worth mentioning. 


Next time you are looking for a relatively inexpensive Mexican restaurant with mouth-watering food and amazing service, give the family-owned Caminero’s off of Deer Valley road a try.