How to Get Out of a Reading Slump


Remi McKim, Journalist

It’s hard to do something you don’t want to do without motivation. Somehow, it’s harder to do something you want to do without motivation. Reading slumps can hit hard. You can glance over at the pile of books you want to read, as they sit there collecting dust. There can be an enormous weight on your chest whenever you look over at it, the feeling that it is something you should be doing yet here you sit simply refusing to look at it. Sometimes, reading slumps just have to run their course. Eventually, motivation will return. However, if you wish to speed up the process, here are a few tried and true methods that work with me to help you out of your reading slump.


  1. Change Up Your Location: Where I am can make the biggest difference is with my mindset. Doing a quick change even from my bed to outside clears my mind. You do not have the same emotions tethered to a different space. It can be a freeing thing to simply pick up a book and go to another place.


  1. Switch up the Type of Reading: Books feel real. Stay with me here. Holding a book filled with blocks upon blocks of text can be really intimidating, especially if you are in a reading slump. It all feels too much. If you can handle other reading materials, like fanfiction, manga, or webtoons, it will allow a better transition from one thing to the other. From fanfiction to the book you bought a few weeks ago.


  1. Re-Read: If none of these have worked for you so far, it might be nice to just snuggle up with a comfort read. Take the stress of a new world with different characters and motivations and return to a plot you already know. 


I hope these steps help you out of your reading slump.