In My Not-So-Humble Opinion: Why the Winter Olympics are Better than the Summer Olympics


Remi McKim, Journalist

The chill is left at the door, frost biting at the windows and doors, with a warm cup in hand you turn the tv on to watch the Winter Olympics…Or so it would be if we didn’t live in Arizona. Still, the Winter Olympics’ impact can be felt.


Alpine skiing, biathlon, bobsled, cross-country skiing, curling, figure skating, freestyle skiing, ice hockey, ski jumping, luge, Nordic combined, skeleton, snowboarding and speedskating…The best professional athletes for each of these sports will be competing against the best professional athletes of other countries as they fight to bring a medal home.


It does not feel like the Winter Olympics should be around the corner, especially with the Summer Olympics taking place last summer. Yet here we are, with the best Olympics at our doorstep.





Synonymous with greatest, top, prime, crème de la crème.


And here is why I am right:

  1. It’s a Guessing Game

Winter sports are a mystical thing, able to entrance any viewer into sitting down and watching the entire routine/section/etc. Soon enough, the voice of the announcer is heard after the athlete comes to a stop. “Ouch, that must hurt! Since working hard all season, this performance was truly lacking.” Sometimes these comments come out of nowhere. To you, watching at home, that was a show-stopping performance. The smaller details that the announcer notices and talks about are almost completely unnoticeable to the untrained eye, which makes watching certain sports all the more fun. 


  1. A Better Season

Sitting down, watching the Winter Olympics with your family is nice as you hold a warm cup of hot chocolate and snuggle up with a blanket. It just feels right. On the other hand, the Summer Olympics take place when time is so important. You are trying to spend every moment you have free from school with friends, vacationing, doing hobbies, or sleeping. There is not a good moment to sit down and watch the Summer Olympics, especially when you can feel the heat radiating off of the players in sports like volleyball. It’s hard to watch them play in the blistering heat, especially when the same weather sits outside your door. However, when snuggled up to watch a winter sport, their clothes seem cozy. Essentially, it is just nicer to watch the Winter Olympics due to the ambience of the games themselves.

  1. Sports that Cater to Everyone

Let’s be honest, shall we? Not all sports are fun or interesting to watch, unless you know the sport well or used to play the sport. Of course, it is completely possible to be sucked into a game of any sport, especially when it is the best players of 91 nations. However, I am not taking time out of my day to watch golf, even at the Olympic level. However, all of the winter sports are mesmerizing to watch, capturing your interest immediately. For instance, luge is when a sled is used that involves one or two people who pivot the sled only with shoulder and leg movements. To watch it is insane as the sled races down a narrow passageway, flying past the crowd.  These sports do not require previous experience with the sport or prior knowledge at all to truly get your attention.


  1. Cooler Outfits. 

This is most definitely one of the best reasons. The outfits worn by the figure skaters add to their performance. An aspect of the sport that is very important to the overall sport and how it is seen. Even if the outfits aren’t fancy, the warm clothes add to the cozy atmosphere. The layering is great for the athletes, coming in handy when they slide into the snow. Even as the athletes tumble into the snow, the outfits they wear do not leave the audience squirming in their seats as when sweaty athletes compete in the Summer Olympics.  


So tune in for the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing and see that my reasons are right.