How To Spend Valentine’s Day being Single


Alexa McClain, Journalist

Oh no. It’s that time of year again. Love is in the air but not the type that you are breathing, obviously. Yet another year when your family members ask the rhetorical question “Another Valentine’s Day alone huh?” as they chuckle. Ladies, I totally feel you. I mean, it sorta sucks, but we can get through it… with the help of chocolate of course. Here is How To Spend Valentine’s Day Being Single. 



Get all dressed up and cutesy and go take some pictures! You already feel bad for yourself so there is no need to have others feel bad for you too. You’re hot and you know it, so show it off. We don’t need pity. Pose in pink or red and show that Instagram account who’s boss. Show people that you don’t only get ready for your significant other. Show the world how capable you are of being independent. 



 Okay, now that you’ve gotten all ready and taken those lovely photos, get unready. Run yourself a nice hot bath, and allow your body to be released of any tension that may be held. If this day can’t be about your relationship with a significant other, then let it just be about you. Maybe get some bath salts or maybe even add some bubbles… whatever floats your boat, as long as you can enjoy the peacefulness. 



 Romance movies are crucial for us ladies, especially on Valentine’s Day. We want to be hopeless romantics. Okay, maybe you aren’t hopeless but there is a big chunk of us who are. Anyways, it is such a great way to spend the time. We sob over these fairytale love tragics and continue to sob even when it all works out. The point is that it is okay to cry and it’s actually quite therapeutic.



 Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, cream filled chocolate, etc. YOU CAN NEVER GO WRONG WITH CHOCOLATE. It’s great for practically every emotion in the book and it is there for you when a boy isn’t. The best part of it all is that you don’t even have to go through the embarrassing process of buying your own box because moms always have our backs in leaving out a chocolate heart box on the table the night before the “special day.” Plus, chocolate and romance movies go quite well together. 



 At first glance, this step isn’t very appealing. Hear me out. You aren’t just babysitting, you’re also getting paid. Plenty of parents are going out and need someone to watch their children. You had the whole day to do what you wanted by yourself and now you get paid for watching some kids. Kids are fun anyways, they make you feel loved.


There ya have it. Five steps to ensure that your Valentine’s Day being single wasn’t a total waste of time feeling depressed. Maybe get yourself a boyfriend though, that way you don’t have to try so hard next year to avoid watching everyone else be in love. Go get em tigers.