The Ridge Hall of Fame


Hall of Fame 2022 honorees

Makayla Bast, Journalist

A new addition to our school is found in the D building lobby, to pay its respect to the athletic alumni that made school history: the Mountain Ridge Hall of Fame. Housing some of the famed athletes and coaches at our school, and reminiscing on the athletic accomplishments of our history, this Hall is justifiably flaunting the best Mountain Lions to date.


This display is a very modern twist on a Hall of Fame. It’s stature of a smart screen displays the names and accomplishments of inducted persons right outside the main gym, inside the lobby. It shimmers in the Ridge burgundy, while announcing in bold letters “Hall of Fame” to all who pass by. Athletes, students, and visitors alike get to soak up the time machine of Ridge’s athletic primes when inside our school.


Having been in the works for the last couple years, this Hall of Fame has found genuine thought and effort put in by the school. This year was finally the one.


MRHS’s athletic director, Tony Miller, describes why this long overdue display was presented in 2022. 


“It was time. Twenty-five years there have been senior classes here, and it’s time to start honoring those who have done good things for our school,” Miller said.


The school gathered a committee of 16 diverse members of coaches, former coaches, community members, and administrators to vote in this Hall of Fame class. The committee has created an induction process that includes a nomination form so that the committee can be given all the information they need for their inductions. 


The inductees of this first class include: Allysa Seely, Michael Suwyn, Jeff Locke, Jon Weeks, Marjorie Giordano, Kari Evans, Justin Langdon, Reese Byerrum, the entire 2004 Girls Volleyball Team, Dr. Connie Harris, Coach Jon Devenney, Coach Don Tate, Coach Mike Ulrich, Coach Kevin Schmitt, and Coach Bryan Rossi.


There was a silent vote by the committee where an athlete or coach needed 12/16 minimum votes from these members in order to be a part of the history. Only Mr. Miller got to see the results and report the joyous news to the new members. If an athlete did not get the required votes, they have the ability to be nominated for another year. This event is planned to take place during future winter sports seasons as well for more inductions for deserving athletes. Athletes needed to have a meaningful impact not only on the field, but also in the classroom as the rigorous criteria for the induction.


Mr. Miller described the largest criteria they vote on with, “Character is a big piece of the Hall of Fame. This should be our highest charcartered student-athletes, coaches, and contributors throughout all the years.” 


The committee created an event and ceremony at the halftime of our varsity girls basketball game on February 4th. The first event was a private inductee dinner for all members in the cafeteria at 5 pm, and then at halftime they were formally introduced to the community. Inductees had the opportunity to walk out with their loved ones. 


For past athletes, this upholds their legacy and the excellence they attained in their given game. For future generations, this is a reminder that athletes of extraordinary levels have taken the same court as they will. It is a reminder to continue to work hard in the hopes of maybe joining the names of those before you.


“I hope that people realize that this is something special, and that not everyone gets to go into a hall of fame,” Mr. Miller states.


In addition to the ceremonies, the inducted received a 4 by 7 plaque in their honor. They also all received a special Hall of Fame hat that will serve as a lifetime free admission to all Ridge home games. 


“Your picture is always going to be on that marquee in the gym lobby for a reason. You are the standard we want all of our athletic programs in our department to live up to,” Mr. Miller continued in response to the impact he hopes the Hall has.


The reception in the gym was the highlight of the night for this inaugural event. The gym was fluffed up for this event by the addition of mats on the gym floor and flags lining the lobby. It was in the hopes that this will make the crowd feel the special environment that is deserving for these select named individuals.


The reception for this first class has been very well taken by the student body and past alumni. 

I’m honored to have been chosen to participate in the MRHS HOF.  Honestly I’m honored but a little embarrassed. There have been a lot of great athletes and coaches to have gone through here and I’m humbled to be a part of it,” states Mr. Rossi, an inductee on our campus.


Another inductee on campus spoke on the honor this reception was as Mr. Devenney states, “I was very honored to be included with the other coaches and players that got inducted. Even though I still teach here, I haven’t coached here in over 10 years so to still be recognized for what those volleyball teams did all those years ago was amazing.”


Outside of the inducted, the whole night was free for all the home Ridge games, in the excitement of this event.


“It will be a special night that anybody in the community can come to really celebrate the history of our school,” Mr. Miller finalizes as a message to all who were interested in witnessing this primary ceremony.


This is an honorary celebration of some of the greatest athletes and coaches that have represented our school at the halftime of the girls varsity basketball game this past February 4th. This first event is another landmark for the Ridge community that was undoubtedly a huge success for the past and future of the Mountain Lion sporting culture.


The event was also special because of its ties to Ridge history. Mr Devenney described the evening’s success with, “The athletic director, Mr. Miller, and his athletic committee of students did an amazing job making us all feel special.  A number of the girls from the 2004 volleyball team were able to come also.  Seeing them and catching up with them was the highlight of the evening for me.


Mr. Rossi describes the success of this event from his primary point of view with, “The ceremony was incredible.  Mr. Miller did an amazing job of creating a ceremony which truly honored us and made us feel pretty special. The banquet before the game and then the half time celebration with family and friends was great. I look forward to being part of honoring future participants in the same manner.”