Plan Your Spring Break: Junior Year Edition


Molly Bomar, Co-Editor

Every year, after an uber long winter semester, students await for their beloved spring break. But as junior year rolls around, teens realize their high school vacations are coming to an end. Here’s a helpful guide on how to fill your valuable rest time. 


Visit colleges

As a junior, college applications unfortunately loom ahead in the fall. You are also likely immersed in the SAT and ACT season and feel overwhelmed with planning for your future. A great way to take the bull by the horns is to visit the colleges you plan on applying to. Start with a list of colleges in the area or with the programs you are interested in. Do some research on the school’s sites for tour dates, or simply plan a day to drive over and walk around campus with a parent or friend. This is a great way to feel more comfortable with the collegiate life ahead of you.


Go on a road trip 

Whether you hope to spend time with your friends or family on this week off, a great way to get out of the house and your face out of your phone is to take a road trip with your favorite people. Plan out your end destination: the beach, an amusement or national park, or simply drive until you run out of gas. Don’t forget a great playlist to fuel your drive! 


Host a movie marathon

For those of you who don’t leave town during spring break, cure your boredom by watching back to back films with your favorite friends. Pop some corn, grab some blankets, and settle in for a good time. If you are a movie connoisseur, try a theme marathon: watch only chick-flicks, Marvel movies, iconic 80’s and 90’s films, or whatever genre your heart desires! 


Contribute to your community

During vacations and breaks, it is so easy to lay on your couch in an endless scrolling frenzy. However, community service projects are constantly happening, whether that be at a local homeless shelter, St. Mary’s food bank, or a mission trip through a church. Lending a helping hand in your down time will look great on your resume for colleges and will make you feel great as you make a difference in the world. 


There are an abundance of ideas for high school vacations, but never fear: universities have spring breaks too!