Romanticize Your Life For Spring


Remi McKim, Journalist

Spring is a wonderful season, when the chill of Arizona melts down to a nice breezy atmosphere. Spring is the door between crisp winter and the miserable summer. It signals the near-end of the school year.

I love spring.

It is the perfect time to be outside and truly enjoy your time. I never have the tiredness of winter and the apathy of summer has yet to hit. I feel most productive, most able to do anything during spring. 

Romanticizing your life means to look out for and appreciate the smaller details. Most of the time, we spend so much time waiting for the next big event that will bring us happiness. Or, so is the thought. I find that, whilst the big events are fun, the small-scale things make more of an impact. For instance, my first homecoming was good! Buying a dress, getting ready, taking photos…although, what I cherish most from that night is going out to eat at iHop afterwards and watching my friend spoon iced water into her hot chocolate. 

We can miss so much when focusing on one thing, pinning all our hopes for happiness on that one thing. This is something that I have a problem with. A way I found to minimize my disappointment when things do not go according to the perfect idea I had in my head is to focus on what I am doing at the present moment and take a moment to be grateful for everything that did happen. 

Of course, romanticizing your life looks different to everyone. Everyone has an individual idea of what they would like their life to look like. 

I either try to do activities that build my feeling of productivity or something that just simply makes me happy and brings me joy. For instance, I go on a walk with my dog, cook a healthy meal, bake, read a book I have been meaning to get to, reorganize my room, or just rewatch a comfort movie or show. 

Make a mental or physical list of things that help life become better for you and take the new season to transform your tiny moments into keystone parts of your life. Put more emphasis on the activities that bring you happiness, whatever they may be, and allow spring to have an impact on you.