The Prom Closet

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Molly Bomar, Co-Editor

Every high school student dreams of being an upperclassman and receiving their invite to prom. The excitement of getting asked by a friend or a significant other combined with the anticipated evening of fun can often be overshadowed by the endless search for a gown or tux. Finding a look that fits your body and your budget can be troubling.


No need to fret! During this 2022 school year, the Peoria North Rotary Club’s 10th Annual Prom Closet is providing new and gently used formal wear free of charge. They are located at the Landmark Elementary School from 9am – 2pm on April 2nd and 16th.


This donated wear requires no financial requirements or restrictions. Simply show up, try on the donated dresses and suits, and make your prom affordable! 


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