The Other Kinds of Wordles

The Other Kinds of Wordles

Benjamin Jensen, Columnist

We all know what Wordle is. It’s the daily word game that is played by millions. 6 guesses and 1 5 letter word. After many people incorporated the game into their daily routine, the game has left people wanting more. Many indie developers have made their own versions of Wordle. Whether it be a Wordle with infinite guesses, or a Wordle for a specific language. Here is a list of many different kinds of Wordles out there on the internet.


Globle is a “hot or cold” type of Wordle. The premise of the game is to guess a country based on distance from national borders, or geographical knowledge. Everyday, one country of the world will be the “Mystery Country”. Whether it be a large country such as Russia or Canada, or the smallest ones like Liechtenstein. 

Globle Game Menu


Probably the most difficult Wordle on this list, Crosswordle is a crossword puzzle style game where the correct word is already revealed to you. You then have to guess the letters it took to get to the final word. This Wordle is by far the most difficult, so if you’re up for the challenge, give it a shot! 


This Wordle doesn’t involve guessing random 5 letter words. Instead, you guess what the song of the day is. First it’ll play 1 second of a song, usually the beginning of a song. You then have 6 other attempts to guess the right song. The game will add more seconds to the song to make an easier guess. Overall, this game is perfect for people who enjoy music everyday.

Word Master

Word Master is the kind of Wordle that doesn’t have a “one word a day” limit. Instead, you have an infinite number of words to guess. It also has different difficulty levels. Easy guesses every letter and not every correct word. Normal is the normal rules for Wordle. Hard guesses apply to the words or letters you’ve already guessed. Do you want to become the master of Wordle? If yes, then this game is for you!

WordleGame (11 letter Wordle) 

This Wordle is a regular Wordle with 11 letter words to guess. The word can be “observation”, or “imagination”. This Wordle is particularly difficult, but you may need to look up a list of 11 letter words. Overall, this Wordle is for players who want to add more difficulty to their gameplay.

Any Language Wordle

Language Wordles are a great way for practicing spelling words in other languages. They’re Spanish, French, and other language Wordles. If you haven’t already, give it a shot and test your foreign language skills!


Sports Wordle Spinoffs

Poeltl – NBA Player guessing game. Not sure where the name of the game comes from, but this is a guess the mystery NBA player version of Wordle. You start by naming any player in the league, and you have a total of 8 guesses to figure out the player. There are a lot of players, so the game offers you clues including the team the player plays for, the conference they are in, their position, and even height and jersey number. This is a difficult game, even for fans of the NBA, since the mystery player is often an obscure player on a team. 

These Wordles are not trying to copy off the original Wordle game, instead they were made to create new types of gameplay for the original game. These different Wordles quench our thirst for more word for Wordle everyday.