Last FCA of the School Year


Molly Bomar, Journalist

Mountain Ridge Fellowship of Christian Athletes have met during Thursday AcaPreps since the beginning of the school year. This past Thursday, the club wrapped up their 2021-2022 term with  worship from the Peoria CCV campus’ youth leaders, Donna Gillespie and Xavier Dunn. 


More than 120 students attended the event and were rejuvenated in a season of finals and AP tests. 


“Worship helped distract me from stress I was feeling that morning and left me with peace and praise through the rest of the day,” Emma Rogovenu, an MRHS junior said.


This meeting was one of many in the 2021-2022 school year. Kaylee Myres is on the FCA leadership team and has facilitated most of the faith based activities.


It has allowed me to be a leader on campus,” Myres said. “FCA has also brought me closer to God and the Christian community.” 


Hundreds of students have gathered for fellowship since the first meeting in August. Short messages from FCA leaders or guest speakers, like Austin Byler and Gordon Wicker, have inspired students across campus to be bold in their faith in and out of the classroom.


FCA has blessed me with an environment of loving and accepting Christian’s who constantly build each other up and develop our faith,” junior Ben Beachy said. 


The Fellowship of Christian Athletes wrapped up the school year with donuts and worship, ensuring the message of hope will radiate through the summer and into the brand new school year.